Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bluebirds, Bluebells And More

These two always seem to be in the same place when I pass.
Red-winged Blackbird
American Robin
Red-bellied Woodpecker
I have the blues. Lots of Bluebells coming in, there are two varieties in Iowa. Bluebirds are nesting and starting new families. I build a lot of houses for them and like to give them away. We have eliminated  a lot of areas they would build their nests so it is nice to offer new ones. Tomorrow I get to have my knee scoped for two tears I have. I had to get a lot of approvals, I seem to be somewhat of a risk for surgery. Limping around for a month has made me a grouch on some days. I know it is hard to believe, but we all have our days. My biggest problem will be the transportation issue. I live in the middle of know where, and have very few people close to be able to help. One is in surgical rehab after a back surgery. The other is getting to feeble to do much of anything. I am suppose to take him on errands today. My children all work and live two hours away, and are busy with lots of kids. It will work out, even if they have to keep me overnight. That is what I have had to do before. Next week I am to meet with a group from Nevada and show them the prairie all week so I need a speedy recovery. Tough when we get older I guess. I am just past 29, again and again.

Shooting Star
Pussy Toes in bloom. These are only 3 inches tall, but an interesting flower.

Burning off a new area
Mud Socks

Hide those babies, he is looking at us!
Many of you may remember a friend, Reva, who has a pretty smile when you bring her the simplest of gifts. I am bringing her lilacs, her favorite flower, every few days. She is in a care center and doesn't really know me much anymore, but the joy she offers fills my life with joy. I used to have coffee with her daily when I first moved here,  and she did all my sewing such as clothes and curtains. I also like to sit a dozen pastries on her lap and she always can't believe she can have as many as she wants. She is 90 so has lead a full life , working very hard and surviving three husbands. I told her the next time I would have chocolate, and she said to come back soon. We both like our sweets very well.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Around The House


Lots of crabapples blooming.


The huge waves lapped at the shore making me almost think about surfing in the ocean.  I had seen two guys Para-surfing the day  before. It is still too cold for me, even with a wet suit as they had. I was dressed in layers in  blowing rain  and maybe a little sleet all day Saturday. Thank goodness for a nice rain suit, but the heavy wind was piercing through everything. It was nice to finally get into a warm vehicle and out of all that clothing to go into town and eat.
The Redbud starts all the color and foliage in the forest. Sometimes they appear as fluorescent clouds across the landscape.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Two Lips

My favorite, this year.

These are all from a day spent in a Dutch community, Pella, Iowa. You have heard me rave on their bakeries. Iowa's largest lake, Lake Red Rock,  is just outside of town, and I spend lots of  time camping and fishing there. This dwarfs my yard full of tulips, but I like mine better.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

New Babies And More

Easter and Eggs were born on Easter, are ready to be joined by The Three Little Pigs. The life of luxury at the farm, many of the other animals will be eager to meet their new friends. I laugh watching my oldest in her rubber boots out feeding and taking care of them. She was always an animal lover, I shirk thinking at all the types of pets we had through the years. I used to buy the cheap tennis shoes by the half dozen just so she had some to wear with me out in the garden. Matching gloves and boots were a start and it has continued for over a quarter century. Both sisters went out the other day to build a new pig stall. They celebrated the new finds with ice cream at Hickory Park, famous for over 150 sundaes and many other sweet treats to compliment it's great barbecue. A  toast to the good life with a Cherry Phosphate, a favorite of mine.
Three Little Pigs 

A first Dragonfly sighting. This one was laying eggs on the water while I was fishing for trout.
A hefty lunch, I did share with the dogs

How does one pick the best of colors when all are so nice?

More to come!