Saturday, March 21, 2015

One Foggy Morning


All one needs to see is the tip of that rod move a bit.

A belly full of trout makes one happy.
A flit across the forest floor and it was hard to believe a butterfly dared to show it's beauty.  This is a Comma, a small member of the Angel wing family. They lower their body functions and will stay in deep leaves until food is available. Sure enough a few days later I saw a Mourning Cloak, the largest of this family. I imagine if it got real cold again they will return to the leaf pile. I love this family, they are unique flying flowers. I sat back on the porch and dreamed of the many butterflies I have chased through the years.

If one stays on the hay you don't sink deep into the mud.
These oak trees
Standing for centuries
Have seen the world
All around me.

Do you know this mushroom?
This formed a "W"
Knock knock

I posted a few pictures of this Red-headed Woodpecker. It has been down in Panama all winter.



  1. That first shot is so pretty and I love the woodpecker.. beautiful. But my favourite is of the contented look on your face with your belly full of trout. :)

  2. That woodpecker is gorgeous! I've never seen one like that before.
    Ugh! I wanna hit the snake river and catch me a steelhead! It's been a long time since I've been fishing. Did that woodpecker just make that hole? Wow!

  3. Looks like someone had a good morning of fishing. Nice to see butterflies so soon. That woodpecker is so pretty

  4. I guess winter is definitely over if you are fishing. that red headed woodpecker is gorgeous.

  5. Beautiful captures!! Nice to see the woodpecker house in the tree...

  6. The adaptation of some butterflies is pretty amazing.

  7. What a beautiful way to spend the first spring weekend. Fishing sounds grand. Our Sapsuckers are starting their rat-a-tat-ting. So fun to listen to.

  8. Hi OOTP - lovely range of photos .. and yes nature starts early sometimes - love the Comma ... glad your tum is full of trout - sounds delicious!! Your Red-Headed Woodpecker is brilliant ... both which ways .. colour and cleverness ... cheers Hilary

  9. The simple pleasure of eating freshly caught trout is hard to beat!

  10. You are such a nature boy! You fit in so wonderfully to your environment.

  11. Send some of that trout this a way mister!!Hahaa
    I spy some green grass!

  12. Beautiful series of photos. I agree with everyone else, nothing better than fresh caught trout and time spent outdoors. Your little red mushroom is a scarlet cup. I love to find those tiny beauties in the spring.


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