Sunday, March 29, 2015

More Migration

White Pelican
Bald Eagle
 Sometimes these pelicans almost disappear when kettling in flight. That black and white offers good camouflage in the air.
Pelicans arrived this week along with Great Blue Herons. Both birds have enormous wingspans and are always a treat to watch. Lots of flocks of ducks have stopped in such as this Lesser Scaup in the picture below. Meadowlarks are out singing their praise of the prairie and bring numerous childhood experiences back to me. Age does catch up on us. Today would have been my father's 91st birthday, but a friend the same age has a mother turning 100  in mid April. This ladies mother was an early garden mentor for me, showing me how to use organic methods long before it was popular. I would go help her prepare her beds each year for what ever cash she offered at the end of the day with some lemonade and cookies. These are voices carried on the wind caressing me while I plant each spring. My seed potatoes are sitting  in my kitchen to warm up and break their dormancy. I will methodically slice these the day before planting, making sets to plant with at least one eye on them. Happiness is all around me as I prepare to plant a new garden, and carried to all of you on a gentle prairie breeze.

I will say goodbye to the last swans as they fly north. I had hoped these might stay.  I have looked for the heart shape with their necks, seeing lots of paired birds earlier in the week chatting.

I had fun looking at ways to leave this deer skull for someone else who walked the same trail. I ended up placing it high on a tree.

2nd generation moss somewhat propagating
A horse for a friend who left this trail ride to a better place.


  1. Your spring migration is at it's peak so it's a very interesting time of year.

  2. Hi OOTP - brilliant photos - hadn't thought of the word 'kettling' for birds ... but they're all amazing. What wonderful memories you have of your friend and her advice re gardening - and happy memories of your father ... 91 is a pretty good age .. but 100 is even better ... my mother made 91. Have a good week and Happy Easter enjoying life on the Prairie .. Hilary

    1. Re your comment on my B post:Mining in Cornwall: Tin to start with, then copper, then China Clay when mines opened up in America, Australia ... though they are re-checking the mines if the price is right .. cheers H

  3. always a pleasure to travel on the prairie with you as our guide. You know all the best sites :)

  4. Don't you just LOVE migrating season. Here in Tennessee, we are waiting on our HUMMINGBIRDS.... Then in April/May, the Rose-breasted Grosbeaks visit us for a week or so.... Fun season!!!!!

    Don't we all have great memories of our childhood and our lives.... My Mom lived to be 91 and Daddy died at age 79... Dad smoked all of his life and he died of emphysema.

    Have a great Spring and enjoy your garden.

  5. So many neat birds! I like where you put the deer skull.

  6. That deer head is quite a trail marker, Steve. Colorful cardinals are my favorite birds.

  7. Excellent pictures, as always. I especially like seeing those flying pelicans.


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