Thursday, March 12, 2015

Melting Away

This is a  picture sent to me.  My grandson is looking through a picture album made up for his parents by a friend for me. He reads it every day identifying the people in the pictures. On this day he exclaimed, " I want to go see Papa. " Of course I beamed hearing this. I am surprised how well he takes care of this book, it wasn't really made for kids. We will go book shopping the next time together, each one is always a treasure. They are making him a new bedroom so a nice bookcase is a must from Papa.
 One of the many orchids blooming in my kitchen windows.
 Looking under a huge ice sheet along the shore at the lake.
What do you mean, "Leave the spring bulbs alone." I was just looking around.

Spring like weather gets the play going with some babies.

It gets harder to walk uphill when thaw makes it very slick. One needs to take their time going down also, that last step can really surprise you.

The snow melts and refreezes into the tiny creek beds.
 If there is a log to climb or perch on, Daisy likes to try it out. Many times I am below in a creek and see her walking above me on a tree spanning the creek without any fear.

There is a bit of green appearing.
These were tunnels made under the snow by mice and voles. They are now exposed by all the thaw going on. This was a community all through the snow season.


  1. Spring is springing out here as well, but so is the pollen! Nashville is the allergy capitol of the world. Now it's the Pothole capitol too-

  2. How wonderful to see the photos of your grandson looking through the photo book, Steve. You certainly must miss seeing him and so are sure to have fun on your next visit as we do when we see our grandkids.

  3. Start the little guys as young as possible on books. A book case is an excellent idea.

  4. Beautiful animals! I heard we are going to get another blast of winter in Virginia. Sigh!

  5. Hi Steve ... what a gorgeous lovely grandson - and a book case sounds like a wonderful idea - especially made by Granddad ... oh you'll have fun book shopping with him. It's been a harsh winter - that ice-screen is amazing to look at - and the animals survive, and reveal their lives as it melts ...

    Cheers and the orchid is lovely .. Hilary

  6. The animals all look like they are enjoying the sun. Cute grandson!

  7. I envy you your blue sky. haven't seen much of that this winter or spring for that matter.

  8. your grandson is a little cutie.
    We're getting a thaw here finally. We can see grass again although right now it's not real pretty

  9. It's nice to see it warming up a bit. This has always been my favorite time to see the animals.

  10. Beautiful pictures. There is nothing nicer than hearing that a grandchild wants to see you.

  11. Hello, Just got home from a nice trip to Arkansas to celebrate George's birthday. I will blog about it tomorrow.

    Now--it's time to start working in the yard, cleaning up all of the 'junk' from the ice storm. What a mess!!!

    Hope you are doing well. Loved your lake pictures in the last post... Your Grandson is adorable. Keep on buying him lots and lots of books. There's nothing better.

    Love your orchids... Gorgeous.. We sprayed Liquid Fence today --trying to keep the deer away from our spring bulbs....

    Your Daisy wants to get up HIGH so she can be 'in charge' of all around her... ha....

    Be careful hiking in this mushy weather... We had some sun today (yeah) ---and it's warmer. We even have a few Crocus blooms now. Hooray!


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