Friday, February 20, 2015

Winter Cool

A spoiled cat
Has a place
To stay warm.
A feral cat watches for its next meal. I have watched this one all winter and noticed a new all black one yesterday. People often dump pets in the country thinking a farm will want them to live there. Unfortunately cats can rapidly proliferate and become a nuisance to song birds and other animal species. There are more feral(wild) cats in Iowa than people. It is sad to me when a new one arrives, many circumstances stand in it's way to have a very long life. I often call out, "Here kitty kitty!" to see if they are a bit tame, but most run away and ignore me. This one has been eating well out on the prairie , maybe I will name it, Lucky.
Does anyone remember seeing a Clarence the Talking Mule movie?
New babies arrive in a major cold wave.

I faded the color on the deer adding the snow across the bottom.

Ready to picnic? This would be a great place to both eat and play, in about three months.


  1. There's gotta be a better answer for animals like cats that are just abandoned.

  2. I feel sorry for the feral cats. They trap them in the big cities. Neuter them and give them shots. We have had quite a few that we've adopted. They also clip the tip off the ear so you can tell if it's one that's been fixed. Some last a long time here, some run off right away. There's one at the barn that's been here about 5 years. I do feed them.
    I'll picnic with ya in the snow! The best time, no one around! :)

  3. We have lots of feral cats in my little town. Many people here help take care of them as much as they can. I've been having to chase off one cat that's been lurking around my bird feeder.

  4. When I lived in Lead there were so many feral cats. I finally couldn't take them hunting my feeder and put out a live trap. I caught 12 cats in about a week and only 2 were tame. Now out in the woods, the only feral cats I worry about are mountain lions.

  5. It's sad that people can just discard an animal like they do their weekly trash. That one in the picture does look like it's faring well.
    That does look like a good picnic spot but like you said, in about 3 months

  6. can you get a live trap and trap the feral ones? some of the vets here will neuter feral cats for free and then you let them go again. stops them from reproducing in the wild. I'm always amazed that cattle and sheep give birth in the winter. you'd think spring would be a better, safer time to give birth.

  7. Your photos are lovely as always, Steve but it breaks my heart to see unwanted/unloved cats. There are fifteen (at last count) cats which snuggle up together at our town dump. The lady who cares for the place looks out for them. We and several other residents will drop off cat food for her so she can keep them well fed. But I don't think anything is being done to control the population.

  8. There is a colony of feral cats in our neighborhood. Seeing enough song birds taken on my deck I lived trapped 24 cats last fall and then did them and the depletion of our songbirds a favor. I also did not win favor with a few neighbors who let their cat roam the neighborhood by urging them to keep them in or at least put collars with bells on them...

  9. Seems every area has its share of feral cats and other animals. We did as well newr our VA home. They lived under an old shed. Many were quite pretty but would not come when enticed when we see several sunning themselves. They seemed to be well fed and we suspect someone was feeding them. I thought you were going to say that the feral cats in yiur area kept the rabbit population down, Steve.
    Yes, I do recall seeing some mule movies, but the ones I recall had Francie the talking mule...maybe there were after or before Clarence?

  10. Hi OOTP - in about 3 months I'll join you for a picnic by the water ... but for now I'll stay in slightly warmer climes. I remember a Mule movie .. not sure its name though. More cats in Iowa than people ... not a good sign for other creatures ...

    Lovely photos though and the de-coloured deer ... she does look colder though, especially with the snow line ... cheers Hilary


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