Wednesday, February 4, 2015

In The Eye Of A Storm


I could show you how these mosaics have formed with mathematics, but each little crystalline panel shape grows to make solid ice . With more discoveries of new ice I did think of helping in a geology class and marvel at the similar development just as it would do making minerals or stone. When I moved I could see the matrix sparkle on each little mosaic, a mass of tiny crystals melding all together. Later I found an area where the ice had melted on the edge. New ice was forming as temperatures dropped and a storm moved into the area.

See the tiny ice fingers reaching out to meet each other?

 Lots of snow has these two Junco's discussing flight plans.

Of course
I always want
To be that,
First footprint 
In new snow.


  1. Good Morning----OH--how i wish I could see some snow and put my footprint in it!!!! So far this winter (even though it's been cold here), we haven't had much snow at all... I am still hoping for at least ONE nice snow.... I HOPE!!!!

    Love your pictures of your area and the critters... Speaking of critters, I put a picture on Facebook yesterday of a group of deer in our backyard.. There were 7 of them --and I saw them twice yesterday, morning and at almost dark. They ARE beautiful creatures ---as long as they stay out of our yard/flowers... ha..

  2. Great pics as usual. Love the ice ones and the birds in the snow and the seed pod.

  3. Your ability to share wonder is appreciated.

  4. I like the pictures of the ice froming. That poor little cardinal needs a nice warm place to thaw out.

  5. Looks like you did some horsing around there :)

    1. You have a very catchy first photo. Water , ice, snow...lots of crystals. In fact, everything is composed of crystals.

  6. Good title, Steve, and the first series of photos had me foolishly thinking that perhaps you did NOT have any snow. Yes, the first foot fall in new snow (not yet dirtied up) is a very good thing!

  7. I love the shapes made by ice. Great photos. Looks like a chilly walk. I'm housebound and sick, so it is nice to walk without leaving the fire.

  8. Great pictures of the animals. I always like seeing them. I like the ice pictures too. I keep telling myself to do more like that myself.

  9. Wonderful deers, beautiful horses, cute squirrel, pretty birds and I loved your photos of ice.

  10. ". . . tiny fingers reaching out to each other. . ." Soooo perfect! Super photos, as always. When I see animals in the snow, I want to put a blanket on them.


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