Monday, February 23, 2015

Glaciated Barnyards

 I know a place that has black raspberry soft serve not to far away. It's funny how ice cream sounds better to me in the winter.

New prints next to  melted old prints.
You have to love it, it is going to be around for a while longer.

What made them leave
This prairie palace
A place of living well
For many years.
One can often hear the laughter
And even feel a few tears.
Wild turkey gather in a field eating corn.

This was a show barn for hogs built in 1912. I think it would be a remarkable  home.


  1. Neat show barn. Black raspberry soft serve sounds good anytime.

  2. If this place has been abandoned, who takes care of the animals? Wonderful pictures, by the way.

    1. There are a lot of farms here, the house was surrounded by pasture.

  3. Ice cream sounds better in winter because it doesn't melt all over you. ;)

    Some beautiful captures here.. the cardinal and the goats butting heads.

    The first photo of the footprints in the snow actually appears to be raised up rather than indented. Probably an illusion caused by the shadow.

  4. I eat ice cream all year round. It is sad to drive through the country and see all the houses in disrepair. Most of them were sturdily built and with a little care could have lasted so much longer.

  5. Black raspberry soft serve sounds pretty good. That's an interesting looking house and that show barn is amazing

  6. You have all kinds of neat thinks to like in this post. I really like your poem on the vacant house. The shaggy pony catches my eye too.

  7. I often see fields of turkeys like the one in your picture. I love seeing the turkeys out there. The picture gives me feelings that are just as good.

  8. Hi OOTP - lovely shots ... I love seeing the landscape and the way you create ideas for us ... or just leave us to imagine our own ideas. Beautiful ... I'd rather have ice-cream in warmer times! Cheers Hilary

  9. Loving the show barn!! It WOULD make a neat home!
    And is that a screen door I see on the second story of that house?!

  10. I like ice cream in winter, too. When it's hot out I can't eat sweets. Love, love the photos of the horses catching bennies in the field. Coming here to see your beloved prairie is always such a treat.

  11. I'm surprised someone hasn't renovated that show barn! Unusual to see horses laying down isn't it? it's turned cold on us again. grump.


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