Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Few Shades Of Grey

Cloudy days and low morning light often makes a photo appear black and white.

Even with a short haircut, Lily gets her fur impacted with snowballs. I keep a towel always for her, but it takes a while for it to melt and fall off.

Tall grasses lie down and become part of a blanket with the snow for the prairie to rest under.
A call echoes across the valley. I gaze at the treetops to see if I can find the bird making the call. I see a Blue Jay flitting through the branches and decide it must be trying to find it's mate. At first I thought it was a spring call from a Titmouse, but it was only similar and a bit early in the year. In the next few weeks the calls all will change, and a welcome to  spring will be announced by each species. The Cardinals are real close to disperse and become pairs, rather than where I see four to six males in a group. They will be chasing other males away, wanting territory only to be theirs. In the picture above the pitting in the snow was from snow stuck to branches melting and falling to the ground. I was glad to have a hat with a bill so as to keep my glasses dry. We were the only footprints in this area, a remote set of woods I always like to rove and explore the creek down below.


  1. excellent photos as usual. still glad I only experience snow in pictures. the birds here are singing loudly looking for mates.

  2. Fine photos as always. And I think I counted a full fifty shades of grey. ;)

  3. I still don't like snow but I will admit that when it sparkles it does look pretty

  4. Great photos on a dull dreary day.

  5. Beautiful photos. And black and white and gray are so poetic, even if it is only the effect of winter light.

  6. Pewter and silver winter

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  7. I love all of the gray snowy pictures. I kind of miss all of the snow since it just mostly melted here. I think I only need pictures for the rest of the year though.

  8. Blah color turned interesting! Good job, Steve.....


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