Friday, January 23, 2015

Winters Joy

A brief thaw will send the snow away for a short time. I really like snow, it adds to the photos I take, plus is fun to play in. I am looking for a new home for this little guy below. My mother would have fried him. He has eaten through a grain bin to get at grain and is not on my top ten friends list. There is ample food at the feeders, he is looking for the bigger cache I guess. Actually I saw eight of these critters in my yard the other day when I put out some shelled corn out on the ground . They have a nose for the good food and come from all over. I don't even know their names, yet have them over for lunch and dinner a lot. Squirrels are late risers and don't get up until around ten. I have seen Purple Finches in this last week. They are coming through early, so I will share a few photos of this more northern bird at the end of this blog.

Imitating opposing thumbs, they get smarter every year.
Tufted Titmouse
Dark-eyed Junco
Black-capped Chickadee
Northern Cardinal

White-breasted Nuthatch
American Goldfinch
 Grey Squirrel
Mourning Dove

Purple Finch at a feeder with a Goldfinch


  1. squirrels are cute but not when they are causing damage. That tufted titmouse is so pretty

  2. He's awfully cute but I know how pesty and destructive they can be. We've resorted to covering our bins with roofing shingles so that they can't eat through them.

  3. You have many visitors. I don't like red squirrels either. They can be very nasty when defending their territory from me.

  4. Lots of excellent pictures of the critters. I always like squirrels no matter what mischief they get up to. The squirrels around my house are obsessed with arguing with my dog.

  5. You could have been taking photos of my feeders here in MA! We have the same birds that winter over. Looks like you have more snow though. It's falling here as I type but even though it is meant to snow all day, we aren't supposed to get more than four inches. Just enough to cover the ice beneath!

  6. I so love to watch the little birds. Once in a great while I get to watch a pair of brown creepers inspect the pine trees in our front yard. Alas, we never get cardinals around here. I so enjoy your photos.

  7. I try to keep cracked pecans (so they won't get buried and sprout into trees) out for the squirrels because otherwise they want to get on the teacup bird feeder and what the don't eat, they spill. plus, they've broken the saucer part twice by knocking it off the hook. but I love the little buggers anyway.

  8. Steve, we also enjoy winter weather which is why we prefer living in New England as opposed to VA. We have had problems as well with pesky squirrels getting into the barn, but some wire solved that problem. You have an assortment of colorful bird visitors and I recognized them from ones at our feeders.

  9. Our squirrels retire early in the afternoon. Good thing because it gives the birds a chance to visit the feeders.


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