Thursday, January 15, 2015

Snow Daze

Only 64 days until Spring(file sent to me)
A friend sent this bird shot to me and asked if I had seen one of these in my travels.  I told her I had, but it was drinking Dunkin Donut coffee.
It can be a rough life to stay warm.

Even with the cold, this guy is still happy.
My back door
The strong wind coming across the lake almost took your breath away. I found a pile of frozen dog barks from the day before just lying next to the shore. I even noticed a few of my thoughts in that same stack . Sometimes the hike gets cut short when the weather just doesn't want to cooperate. I saw some friends saddling up their horses and thought they might be a little nuts. Now I can't get that off my mind and want  to get out myself. It will be a few months, I hate slipping and sliding with large animals. I passed Shimek State Forest the other day and was glad to see the outfitter still taking people on trail rides there. That family made all the riding trails going through this lovely forest. I laughed when I get into nearby Farmington I want to eat large quantities of ice cream and strawberries as I try to do each year for their Strawberry Festival. I will wait five more months.
One needs to look close sometimes to see all that roams the woods. There were over twelve deer in this group hiding among the trees. They moved a little deeper before getting accustomed to my presence, but were not going to let me get real close. Maybe with all my layers I looked equally amusing to them.

This group watched a hawk grab it's prey and fly off. A nice buck was also nearby holding their interests.


  1. I love the first shot! :D Really funny. But your wildlife shots are great as usual!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Love the snowman. haha. Boy, these pics look really cold.

  3. greay shots as usual. love the snow sculpture but I'm having a hard enough time staying warm here especially when I have to work in the currently unheated shop without getting chills from looking at all the snow.

  4. Hi OOTP - love those shots .. fantastic photos .. especially the Snowman - he's amazing .. while the cardinal is brilliant ... but your back door - amazing what ice designs we get .. and then the wild life ... take care - Hilary

  5. Love that first picture, so funny.

  6. I love the first pic and the stone face with a snow hat. Today is dress your pet day! Lol! Who thinks of these things? Haha!
    I like the 64 days till spring. Although we've had spring like weather here.
    I'm gonna get me a trail cam. Had fish and wildlife out today. They put 3 cameras out looking for wolves. Didn't see any. But, saw 3 bobcats!!! Knew they were here, just never see them. So cool!!! Lotsa coyotes, deer, and birds galore.

  7. It looks like you got a good dose of winter. Nice shots of snow...and some good humor.

  8. Great pictures. I like each one for different reasons. The deer in the forest takes me back to when I used to see them like that almost every day.


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