Thursday, January 15, 2015

Shake, Chatter and Chill

 Wait, it's only two months  until spring

I looked out my front door and saw this Cooper's Hawk emerging from deep in a blue spruce. It was in a smorgasbord with lots of sparrows roosting inside to avoid the cold winds. It has been here before for a few years, easy pickings with fauna and feeders around my yard. I shot the first two through the window before opening the door slowly to get a few shots of it eating it's prey.

 The white patch on the rump of the brown horse is from them standing side by side and the other breathing on it.
 I followed this river down to the Mississippi River
The Mississippi River at Fort Madison


  1. That's a cool bird. I see he got him some lunch!
    Poor red pony, he's got a cold butt now! :)
    You all are looking cold! I hate too brag, I know it will come back to bite me. But at 3:30pm we are 48* and sunny! The wind is strong outta the SW, but that'll help dry up some of this mud. All the frost is outta the ground too. I see a green, green spring! :)

  2. Wonderful winter delights, Steve. I never would have guessed that it was frost on the horse's rump.. and not just some fallen snow.

  3. Some how it looks very cold there. Some of these hawks are pretty sneaky.

  4. Neat pictures! It's been cold here too. I like the shots of the hawk but I don't want to see one eating any of my little bird buddies.

  5. Spring will be here before we know it and I can't wait. I know it's all part of nature but not sure I could watch the hawk having his meal :)

  6. Great pictures as usual. That''s kind of funny about the spot on the horse's back. I was surprised to see I didn't see this post earlier. I somehow missed it before.


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