Wednesday, January 21, 2015

On The Mississippi River

An eagle announces it's happiness to see me back over on the river. I always feel a charm when exploring this area. There is a draw to look for more each time I visit, hoping to find something new. These are along the lock and dam at Keokuk, Iowa. The river that runs near my home empties here and the delta always greets me when kayaking down to this point. After a couple days boating you keep looking for it around each bend when getting close. I took the auto route on this cold day, driving the back roads and enjoying old haunts. Most of the waters were frozen over, with small areas open that attracted the eagles and a quite few other birds.

This reminded me of the ice fortress in the Superman movie.
Looking from Iowa into Illinois. I would like to have that cabin.

 The giant lock remains idle until Spring
This turn style railroad bridge allows the large tugs to go through

Hey, where is our dinner?


  1. The ice formations are really like out of the Superman movie! Love that shot!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. That ice really does look like the Superman ice fortress

  3. The ice is awesome. Love the sunset, ponies and your eagles.

  4. Nice touch with a sunrise for an introduction and a sunset for a closing!

  5. Excellent photos, Steve !
    Each one is beautiful.

  6. Wow Steve, I have missed a lot in recent days and just soent time catching up on your travels thru this and prior posts! You have had some great eagle sightings and those ice formations were incredibly stunning. I too would like to travel on the mighty Mississippi River, but in warmer temps and in a paddleboat ship...maybe one day.

  7. Our neighbor just saw an eagle try to knock a turkey out of its roost. It was unsuccessful. Great photos of yours. It sure looks cold.

  8. Hi Steve, Great sky/sun photos.. Gorgeous... AND--I love seeing the Eagles... I've heard from folks around here that there are eagles in our community. But--I haven't seen one yet.... Dang!!!!!

    A couple of questions: My son's resort is in Galveston... If you want more info, email me at It is a great area.... We are going to the beach finally --this coming week for just a few days... I am feeling better --but still not totally well. I will just relax and eat seafood while there... ha....


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