Friday, January 30, 2015

January Thaw

I have been doing some repairs on nesting boxes. It still will be a while before I see any Bluebirds nesting, but the unseasonable warm offered a chance to do so.
Ice fishing

A bit of green fills the woods. It has thawed and I am getting ready to get new snow over the weekend. I need some good snow to take a group sledding. My family are all out in Colorado snow boarding. When a big storm front moves in they go running for it. I decided to stay at the farm.

This guy was hitch hiking, headed south somewhere nice.


  1. I just love that kitty sunning itself. Pure bliss.

  2. We are getting heavy snow tonight ...about 10- 20 cm (4 - 8 in). There's still lots of kick in this winter.

  3. Seems like most people are having a fairly mild winter this year.

  4. I love that picture of the cat with the bird box. I like the look of pleasure on its face.

  5. That snowman is cute and that last picture of the cat by the birdhouse is priceless

  6. Thaw indeed. Curious - what type of lens do you use to get the closeups of birds.


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