Monday, January 5, 2015


The sunrise called out to me to go and enjoy the light show. I always am up before it all begins. It has been 12F(-12C) for the last two days and predicted to warm up the same today. Makes it rough to get out and play, but I have found some reasons , such as mirrored ice on the ponds to skate on. The last snow yesterday covered this perfect ice so I will have to shovel off an area.

Mallard Ducks on the Des Moines River

One can see to the bottom of the pond through the ice at four inches
The trees reflect in the mirror like ice
Ice bubbles
Keep your stick on the ice, lets go skating!
Then the storm approached dropping a small amount of snow, with more arriving later today. That sun comes out and makes me think picnic. I will make some deviled eggs, but need to figure out how to keep them from freezing.

A cardinal idea, it is so cold my camera refuses to work, so lets head inside!

A eagle has ice on it's back from fishing early today.


  1. You would not catch me out there. I'd be too cold to move.

  2. Brrr. I might choose to run on the treadmill that day.

  3. Your brave going out in those temps. It's 15 here right now and our trips outside for Gibbs are as short as possible. Even he doesn't want to be out there

  4. Nothing better then a winter walk when the sun is shining.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  5. Hi OOTP .. gosh cold, cold .. not for me - but frozen ponds I remember back in '62/63 when we were frozen in for over 10 weeks .. Britain suffered ... I did write some (3) posts on it (The Big Freeze) - as a living memory it's pretty amazing.

    Love your photos .. and being in the kitchen seems like a much better idea - once the camera had gone on the blink from the cold. More cold to come I guess ...

    Enjoy your time out and about and I love the dogs' coats .. very visible - almost outshine Mr Cardinal ... cheers Hilary

  6. Let it go-ooo. Sorry I had to do it. That cardinal is so perfect that it does not look real. Glorious!

  7. Some good winter scenes and it sounds like it will get better.

  8. You're braver than I am with all this cold. I've been staying completely inside. The cold around here didn't bother me much at first, but now I just stay inside if I can. Those bird pictures look worth a journey outside though.

  9. Oh, I don't miss that cold. Glad you can find the beauty in it. And that you share it.

  10. B-r-r-r! It's cold here too! I like the idea of seeing the bottom of the pond through the ice.

  11. As usually a beautiful collection of photos.
    Oh my ! It is really very cold.

  12. I just started following you, and I was almost the one to push you over 200 followers, just one too late. I think I will very much enjoy all these wonderful pictures! :-)


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