Saturday, January 31, 2015

At The Beach

 The "G" on this sign looked more like a "C". It reminded me of working a recreation program running outdoor ice rinks and each park had all kinds of no signs. Our last day we took tape and changed them all to "KNOW". As college students this seemed so funny.

 Lets wrestle!
 Lily loves to roll in the sand
Daisy still was trusting the ice until later in the week when she wouldn't listen and went through on the edge of some that had thawed.
 Huge oaks line the hilltop, evidence that area had been grazed.

These two were hard to get close to. They are just tiny dots in the next shot. There is a mature and immature eagle together.

Walking in the Valley of the Giants. Huge Cottonwoods four to five foot in diameter lined this river bank, survivors of many spring floods. Some Native American tribes felt your soul went into these trees so they were revered. I always wonder if this is where I might end up when I marvel at these majestic giants.
Reaching for the clouds, but so delicately touching fingertips.
This wetland had a family of foxes in the spring staying here, but it was too soggy to get back to observe them. One would almost need hip waders so as not to sink to deep. It was fun to hear their tiny voices as they played.

Friday, January 30, 2015

January Thaw

I have been doing some repairs on nesting boxes. It still will be a while before I see any Bluebirds nesting, but the unseasonable warm offered a chance to do so.
Ice fishing

A bit of green fills the woods. It has thawed and I am getting ready to get new snow over the weekend. I need some good snow to take a group sledding. My family are all out in Colorado snow boarding. When a big storm front moves in they go running for it. I decided to stay at the farm.

This guy was hitch hiking, headed south somewhere nice.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Monday, January 26, 2015


Even a small snow tells  us we need to be those first footprints outside.

    I actually was looking at the fluid like textures the snow makes from the wind blowing it around.
Loving snow
 She almost looks like an anime cartoon without any legs showing. Her eyes show sincerity in enjoying a nice sunny day.

A cold icy stare

Of course I saw my "S" in this lava like ice