Thursday, December 31, 2015

Snowy Morning

The gloomy day with lots of fog presented a beautiful version of the world around me. 

The day before had been a total white out and snow blew in from the west. It melted with rain later through the day.

Hoar frost always makes a good pcture

The rivers are still high and many fields are flooded. It can be good if the cold comes through, one could have their own private skating rink.

An immature eagle hides from the elements and a pushy photographer.

Monday, December 28, 2015

A Nice Walk

A drive takes you into the area over hill and dale, passing on both sides private land.It goes back over a mile before you arrive at the huge area of land to explore.

A frozen creek
Across the prairie.
An eagle flying away from a perch after he saw me.

A lake peeks through the trees
A giant Burr Oak

 Deer prints tell me a White-tailed Buck was ahead of me running fast. The front and back legs are even, where with a doe the back would be farther outside. She would have wider hips for birthing.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

December End

If you eat half a container, your jaws will hurt. I love this candy, a lot of fond memories always evolve. I only get it a few times a year, it makes me want to eat some in the early morning. If you leave children unattended near it, you come back to a lot of wrappers and chocolate mess. It was fun just to unwrap them it seems. Ask Duckie how many he had, and who gave them to him.

Who was that masked man?
We have had a strange beginning for winter. The rain covered the state and overflowed a number of rivers and streams. This should be in the spring, but the road between my daughter's and my homes has been closed for over a week. It has been muddy going for walks, and grasses are still very green.
Near a Army base doing fire rescue maneuvers.

I found this on a trail along a lake. I wondered whose ashes were here and said a prayer for their continued happiness along the path of their dreams.

Gulls in an eating frenzy below a dam.

                                                             An Eagle takes flight

                                            Merry Christmas from Out On The Prairie