Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Those First Footprints In The Snow

 A real princess at her first dance recital.

A Red-tailed Hawk preens it's feathers

This line of geese was over a half mile long. Every evening they transfer to the fields and offer a symphony of sounds as they fly overhead. A friend said she missed having them where she lives so I think of her now when I listen, and sent her a message that I had listened to them for her. Sometimes I feel part of their family when I watch a pair nest and raise their young. As I sat fishing the other morning they flew overhead and offered their happiness to all to hear. The sky was a bright orange and pink, a portrait offered every second. I pulled my hood up and felt good about sitting out in the bitter cold before the sun could warm the earth around me. 
A new snow stirs up many. I really enjoy going out and seeing who was in the area ahead of me. On this day very few had been out in the bitter cold. It is fun to follow the tracks and see who made them perhaps. I have ordered new parkas for little dogs, not real sure if it makes much difference when having so much fun.


An immature bald eagle sits on the edge of the ice watching the geese and ducks in their morning processional.
Those first footprints

One has to love snow to live in it.


  1. Oh the cutest little ballerina! She is adorable!

  2. I really like the first and last photos, the princess and heart in the snow. You had a good beginning and ending for this post.

  3. Hi OOTP - delightful Princess .. amazing bemused face .. she'll love that photo in later life. Snow and cold .. great to see - just glad it's not here ... amazing how life survives in the snow and cold .. cheers Hilary

  4. I have seen eagles do the same as the one in your photo- I saw one sitting on a rock in a cove at the Tennessee River at Paris Landing one winter. It was surrounded by American coots by the hundreds. I guess the coots calculated it could only eat one of them at a time-

  5. Wow, you already have more snow than we do here. It seems like the snow has been going around me since I've been living here. In a way I miss it, but I really don't miss the trouble of hiking through deep snow.

  6. what a cute little princess you have there. She's adorable.

  7. What a Sweet little Princess you have!! Adorable!!

  8. Oh my.. she is such a little angel face. Adorable!

  9. A lovely princess and quite proud of her outfit too. The first snowfall is always a wonderful experience, I agree.


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