Monday, December 1, 2014

It's Cold Out There

As one can see by all the sunflower shells, the feeders are packed with my little friends. I need to get out and get another hundred pounds to keep them happy. This time of year I like to donate feed to local conservation areas to make sure they have enough. It is fun to sit outside and watch them. I can see them from my windows, and even have a feeder outside my bedroom window so the cats can watch also. It is nice to wake up and watch them with soft blankets surrounding me, but as soon as I move around  everyone comes in and wants food and ears scratched. Now that I am up two dogs are still in my bed hogging the covers. They migrate to where the warm is this time of year.

Look at those full cheeks!

Bald eagles seem to love the cold. I laugh how when the temperatures dipped they were out in large numbers chattering up a storm. They can fly great distances each day seeking the best feeding areas.

"I am a heat hog, but would enjoy tasting some of those candies you have been making" says Daisy . I have made lots of fudge, toffee, and  caramels. I enjoy sharing with all my neighbors, friends and a few select family members. I can't make up my mind if I need to make more or just need to pass it out so I don't eat as much.
This poor guy used his tail to keep warm while enjoying a black walnut.

Come in to the barn, we make it real toasty.

That bitter cold can be tough on a fellow. This guy above laughed at all the layers I had on, but I was comfortable.  I woke up early today to throw another log on the fire. I think I could stand and warm my hands on the coffee pot, but I'm too lazy to grind some beans. I gaze at the peanut butter fudge and then at the coffee pot, realizing the candy might be an easier product. I think I will make some hash with leftover steak and poach a few eggs to get a healthier start.


  1. That's so awesome that you donate feed. No doubt it goes to good use this time of year! Mmm, peanut butter fudge is one of my favorites.

  2. Hi OOTP - great photos and story line .. the goats look happy ... and yes sometimes goodies are better than coffee .. love the thought of being wrapped up with the dogs and cats on the bed, watching the birds feed ...

    Looks a wee cold too - it's chillier here .. but not like that! Cheers Hilary

  3. Nice array of shots. We Floridians are like Daisy...heat hog.


  4. You have a great way of showing the beautiful side of winter :) Candy sounds good but then so does hash

  5. Love all the eagles! Wow! And the fat cheeked chipmunk! Lol!
    Daisy! Hehehe! What a little ham! :)
    Love the last goat pic! Haha!

  6. What a great collection of critters. I'm surprised to see that you have a chipmunk poking around. Ours all seem to go into hiding as soon as the temperatures drop. Also wonderful to see so many gorgeous baldies. I guess they're happy to see the chippers too. And Miss Daisy.. just adorable.

  7. Beautiful collection o shots.
    It is cold out aver here too. Very hard for me who came back from a country where the weather is always very nice.

  8. Wonderful gathering of critters. We did a tundra swan trip from Brownsville to Lansing two weeks ago and saw about five hundred instead of the usual tens of thousand. The backwater were frozen over and the must have moved on....The eagles though were in their usual haunts. :)

  9. How amazing to see bald eagles all the time. our weather is still like a yo yo. cold yesterday, warming up today.

  10. What a treat, to see those bald eagles! Love that chipmunk with the fat cheeks. At a rest stop in Pennsylvania last year we saw a mama with her brood, sooo cute! We're in coastal NC now. On today's to-do list is to get a bird feeder the squirrels can't rob. One fellow in particular is a major chow hog.

    The weather here's almost hot some days. Doesn't feel like Christmas is coming. *sighs*

    Still, I'll take some of that hash when it's done. Know hub would go for the fudge!! (He's got a basket of nibbles in the kitchen!)


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