Friday, December 19, 2014

C-C-C-Cold Again

My internal clock is way off, and I am not sure why. I wake early and go to bed early. I need to have someone keep me up, perhaps for a week or so to get back in sync. Part of living alone and not wearing a watch is you do what you want to do when you feel like it. Eating needs more control. I have one group who keeps sending me sweet treat recipes and the other sending me get healthy items. I really enjoy making holiday goodies, but took my leftover candy to a mission and dropped them off. I went through over five pounds of butter, five to six bags of granulated sugar, countless bags of assorted flavored chips and tons of other additions to make some really grand candies. I take plates of my creations to all my neighbors, a few friends and a few to someone who needs to receive holiday blessings. The birds and squirrels receive lots of goodies that lose their freshness date. Yesterday I heard a crash and a pesky squirrel had figured out how to take the lid off the locking garbage can I keep sunflower seed in. Guess I let the feeders get too low and he felt it was self-serve. Tossed him some marble cake this morning so I hope that cures his ills.  

Male Eastern Goldfinch
 Female Downy Woodpecker

 One of my favorite conservationists in the world. A real charmer, she spends much of her time in the schools teaching  young children about what she has learned in her lifetime. We stood in the rain the other day talking, and laughed that at least it was better than staying inside on a warm winter day. Deer are attacking her feeders so she tries to make them harder to get to.

This is a corn processing complex. The sun offered different views of the steam rising  when I drove around it. When I walked into this cornfield it lost its golden luster when the clouds shifted a bit.

This leaf gall stood out in the sunshine like a piece of gold.
I forgot to look and see if my shadow followed me home.
I made this bread with a baked sweet potato and oats to make it heart healthy and filling. I make most of my bread during the cool months and enjoy experimenting with flavors. I never measure anything so sometimes I get two loaves and share. I have a cinnamon roll recipe I do measure that is so good I wouldn't want to have it fail that I got online from one of my eat sweets friends.


  1. I am like you! To bed early, up early. It sucks when your on vacation and wanna stay out late and play! And I never wear a watch. I have some weird electrical current that makes the batteries stop working! I also can get batteries to work again! Lol!
    I like that metal sculpture thing. That's really cool looking!

  2. How sweet of you to share all those holiday goodies. Sweet potato and oats bread sounds pretty good.

  3. I can feel the cold and fresh air. Your lovely warm bread must be very pleasing after a day out.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. Hi OOTP - I'd like to try not wearing a watch for a time, and living as I felt like - not sure how I'd cope! - but probably need and could try at some stage. Critters are incredibly resourceful .. so pleased you're taking care of those tiny flying things - they deserve our care and attention ...

    Your neighbours are lucky friends .. while you're incredibly trying all these new things .. your bread looks delicious ... and after a day out on the farm, or fishing .. just what you need - a good cup of tea and slice of bread ... cheers and take care in all the c-c-c-cold ... Hilary


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