Saturday, November 1, 2014

Loving Fall

Those hills are alive....

Osage Orange

What a great time to hike and enjoy all the treasures nature has to offer. I like to sit and watch those leaves fall. It has been a major job to keep my yard clear of them. I mow them and shoot them into my garden . On this hike we visited an area I save for this time of year. I enjoy walking in the creek beds and looking for treasure, a Midwest version of beach combing. My hopes are to find arrowheads or other artifacts of civilizations that were here before me. Being part of Golden Heart Productions I always like to assemble hearts with the stones and leaves around. Each day it gets a bit cooler, showing me that winter is close by. Today I will start some bread dough to make some cinnamon rolls.  I love to play with that dough, and make most of the bread I eat during the cold months.
Water  sculpture in a stream 
Dark-eyed Junco

I can dig it


  1. Beautiful shots. I always enjoy seeing the hearts that you put together. I'm not familiar with Golden Heart Productions though

  2. Fall is a super season. I never thought of walking dry stream beds.

  3. Fall has become my favorite season. The colors are so rich and deep.

  4. It's looking pretty brown there. we're having cool nights and warm days. the cool nights getting a bit cooler. I like fall, but I am not a fan of winter.

  5. Great photos. Our leaves are all gone. I made bread last weekend. Too hot to bake in the summer, but a joy in cooler weather. It looks like a beautiful walk. Thanks for taking us along.

  6. Hard frost last night. It's coming.......

  7. Cool shots! Love the pups!


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