Saturday, November 15, 2014

Last Days Of Fall

As a storm moves in I wait for the last day of fall. Snow is not far away, and after this day I saw some light flurries. They melted as fast as they fell, but more is near. All the snowboarders around me are praising storms out west and hoping to see it fall thickly. I think I can wait, but always get excited when it coats the prairie around me. Lily will miss digging in the sand, but does the same with snow.

A bit of Impressionism, perhaps Monet.

One knows that when you see this , there is a buck nearby. The bucks stay in the background sometimes busy with chasing off  an opponent, sometimes just looking over their new harem. I saw a small male just walk close, the buck lowered his head, and the youngster got the meaning running into the woods. I have seen some broken antlers so they do get rough, but only when the smaller one thinks they are tougher. The other day there were three bucks and they were so worried about each other that they got far away from the group and another chased a few does down toward the lake. I enjoy watching them and thinking about new life in this world. Family strength is what made this prairie region grow, we sometime set those values aside to make money or maintain a job. It isn't until when we don't have it anymore that we realize what a treasure it really was. That happiness floats across the land and often passes you , carried on a gentle prairie breeze. Take time to recognize it and hold it close to your heart.


  1. I absolutely love the rays of light shining through the clouds in the 11th image. And the deer too. Really great images of the late fall season.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Hi OOTP - I gather the lakes are starting to freeze this year already ... and you have an early cold snap .. snow flurries - they look beautiful ... I'm just not that keen on the cold! Must be getting soft in my old age ...

    Wonderful shots of life on the prairie .. cheers Hilary

  3. The deer mating behavior is something few get to stand back and see.

  4. fall is beautiful there on the prairie. We had our first snow the other day. It's all starting to melt off now though.

  5. Love the stepping stones on the lake how cool! What is that hanging on the deers back legs? Scent glands on the bucks....but no antlers...hmmm
    Our wind has stopped, is just beautiful here on the ranch skies, sunshine and just a bite in the air to rejuvenate the soul.....
    I love the last part of your post....take time to look around... :)

  6. Beautifully expressed sentiment Steve....:)

  7. Amen to that Steve!
    Love the photos but I DO NOT like Winter....

  8. lovely pics. I do not like snow and am glad it doesn't do that here. I can't imagine living somewhere where there is snow on the ground for months at a time.

  9. Excellent pictures. I love the first one of your dog!


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