Sunday, November 2, 2014

I Know A Great Place To Ride

Hey, these leaves tend to get all over me.

 The last of fall color glimmers in the sun. It is sad to see it leave us, and the cold move in.

A crawdad den for the winter. They must take the mud and form a ball under their tail  to dig this out.


  1. I never would've known that was a crawdad den. You do know a great place to ride!

  2. You always find some great shots! Always... You tend to find pleasure and beauty on all of your outings.

  3. Beautiful fall pictures. Doe the pup have a leaf in her mouth or stuck to her fur? Lol!
    That craw dad den is cool! Who woulda thunk that? They taste good right outta the creek to.. :)
    The ponies look like they are ready to go! Have fun!

  4. That does look like a nice place for a horseback ride. Pretty horses too

  5. HI Steve, I shivered when reading your comment on my blog today... Sleeping in a tent in cold weather is not the easiest thing to do.... I'd need LOTS of blankets --including my electric blanket.. ha ha ha

    Looks like you had a great 'ride' in the woods... Your pups seemed to enjoy that area also. Your fall colors look similar to ours. We lost lots of leaves this past weekend --so George and I are spending our days in the yard getting up leaves!!!


  6. What a beautiful excursion and a fabulous means of transportation. You've captured the last (ours is long done) of the season beautifully.

  7. I like the fall colors in your pictures. I don't usually like fall, but this year has been much better for me for some reason.

  8. Bet you enjoyed the ride! Love the photos!

  9. congrats on your POTW! beautiful place!

  10. Thanks for taking me along on this beautiful fall ride. It's snowing right now in CO. (Congrats on POTW)


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