Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hill Country

Those last few leaves flying

No, it wasn't us

I saw an "S" with my head in the clouds

The cold winds are coming in and it will be a lot colder today. I visited three lakes yesterday with just a light jacket fishing from dawn until dark. There is a solace when I am on the water, and I do forget about time. I came home too tired to do much and was glad for some leftovers so I didn't have to cook. I am fixing some trout, homemade cinnamon rolls and eggs before I head out early today so as not to miss anything. I had deer all over yesterday and have the fever to see more today. I may have to throw a line out while I am at it, but it is real cold to hold that pole. My chimes on the back porch are really making some music and the sun isn't even up. Join me if you like, I have lots of food to share.

A baby wanting to play. She slept here for the night.


  1. fish sounds good.The snow arrived here today and has been coming down all day

  2. Oh this makes me hungry for a fish dinner! Love that sweet fawn and your Superman clouds. And the photo above the clouds (so to speak) is just lovely.

  3. Great photos. You must not have had the dogs along to get such good deer shots. Hope it is warmer there than it is here (-20 this morning). Enjoy the fish. They look wonderful.

  4. You do have lots of deer. We see very few white tails.

  5. I am not seeing as many deer this year for some reason. Not as many turkeys either. Maybe they all went to visit you.

  6. Hi OOTP - I'll be there for the trout ... might bring a few veg ... a tomato, some corn, and some spinach - should go well with the breads, eggs and fishes .. enjoy your forays out before it is bitingly too cold ...

    Loved the photos .. cheers Hilary

  7. Trout and cinnamon rolls. Well, I like them both, so they must be okay together ;-)


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