Sunday, November 23, 2014

Here's Pie In Your Eye

Dutch Apple
Repairs on a dam lowered  the water level from upstream. I spent the morning going over the riverbed looking for treasures. It was fun to walk where I never had. I came home with three pieces of clam shell and a flat rock I passed to a friend to use as a worry stone. Water levels were returned after two days, and now I may be fishing below there. 
A diamond in the rough I used backlighting with the sun going through this ice.
Two dogs created  a bit of panic in a flock of Canadian Geese numbering over two hundred.

This is a Freedom Rock created by artist, Bubba Sorenson. Go see others he has created at  . He plans on putting one in each of the 99 counties in Iowa.

Blue Jay

Red-bellied Woodpecker
Osage Orange on a frozen pond 
It was so foggy today I got lost and ended up in my favorite bakery eating samples of doughnut holes and settling down for coffee with biscuits and gravy.

Not much left of this tree, but there still must be some food.

Buck eating locust seed pods


  1. What's a worry stone? Love walking the river bank looking for treasures while my pole waits for a fish!
    A bakery is a good place to wind up when you're lost in the fog!
    That little plant sticking outta the ice is cool!
    The geese are starting to show up here....I hope the reserve doesn't freeze like it did last year....ugh...I love to hear the geese and ducks in the " back yard ".

  2. The pie sure looks good.That was some hardship getting lost and ending up at your favorite bakery

  3. I have been collecting worry stones as gifts for my children if I ever get enough. My mother-in-law used her rosary as worry beads but I prefer the stones. I wish I would get lost in the fog and find a good donut shop. Some people have all the lucj.

  4. Sounds like I should get lost with you. Donuts and coffee. Yum. I so wish I could have heard the geese. I miss that sound.

  5. Seeing that empty riverbed made me think of the time when our state park lake was drained for them to do some bridge work... It was fun walking out on the dry lake-bed...

    Love your 'diamond in the rough'.... Gorgeous shot! AND the Freedom Rock is GREAT.

    My deepest sympathies to you though... Can't believe you ended up in such a horrible place due to the fog.... Mercy Me!!!! (Bring on the FOG!!! ha)


  6. Scare geese up and there's pandemonium.

  7. The woodpeckers and blue jay are cute, and the osage orange melting the surrounding snow is a great photo. The doe's face is so sweet, eyelashes and shiny nose too. The Freedom Rock painter is really dedicated, what an inspiration. You must be talented at being lost to end up in a cool bakery!

  8. I love seeing all the animals. I need to find a few places where I can reliably see more animals than I do right now.

  9. Between the beautiful birds and the deer...what a fantastic post. That osage orange in the frozen water looks to be a work of art...Mother Nature?

    Thanks for sharing your link this weekend at I'd Rather B Birdin'.

  10. Hi OOTP .. the pie looks good .. the getting lost in the fog but finding your way to the bakery sounds an excellent decision. It's lovely walking where we often can't - wonderful views - but can see the cold and the icy days to come ... while Bubba Sorenson's art work will be fascinating to visit in each of the counties ...

    Cheers - Hilary

  11. If getting lost leads to the bakery, it must be a good thing!

  12. so many great pictures. I love the osage orange. nice captures of the blue jay too.

  13. A good selection of pictures you show. I especially like the misty shot, and of course the Blue Jay.

    Mmmm - getting lost and having to go to the bakery. I must try that.

  14. Nice nature photo journal. My favorite is the foggy one.

  15. What great shots! Always love those Canadians-they come and visit us here too. And that Osage is way cool and the diamond in the rough...

  16. Fun caption for the first photo,Steve, and wondered if you baked the dutch apple pie. Too bad he foggy morning caused you to sit in the bakery shop and sample treats ... a real hardship. Photos of the birds and deer are always a welcome sight.

  17. Such a bounty of beautiful images here. The blue jay and the fog are really wonderful. Wish I could have been there eating donut holes with you.

  18. Excellent photos! You are a versatile mountain man.


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