Thursday, November 6, 2014

Good Neighbors

 The flock of Cedar Waxwings came into a tree not far from where I sat. I counted them and lined up some good small group shots before a Cooper's Hawk flew nearby. I had counted 21, but failed to see the same amount in the denser lower limbs. A few trees have still kept their colorful leaves, but some areas are getting rather barren. Some of the fun hiking this time of year is sloshing through the leaves and remembering childhood play in them. One year we decided to roast potatoes in a huge burning pile of leaves. One thing we weren't aware of was time and temperatures when cooking.  When we finally retrieved out treasure some were rock-hard and others cinders. This began my career of no look cooking. I have bettered my skills at cooking over a campfire, and could surprise you with what I cook. Lately I have been eating a lot of fresh trout I have caught. I am surprised I don't have gills I have eaten so much.

Today I made a huge omelet and then visited a new bakery and got a dozen succulent delights to take over to my friend Reva's. She used to have the coffee going every morning with an open invite for me to join her when I first moved down here, and has a sweet tooth as bad as me. Her thoughts are foggy at 89 and she now asks me where I live a number of times on my visits. Most days I introduce myself when I come over a few times also. I set the pastries in her lap and she asked, " Can I pick what I want?" Of course she could and many more, I ate three to her two and left the box with her. Happiness always floats across the prairie, influenced by the simplest things.
Black-capped Chickadee
 A crow on the corral  sharing it's wisdom.

 This tiny guy obviously hadn't heard the fable of the ants and the grasshopper. He hopped away, warmed from the morning sun, on my return to the car.
This reminded me
Of koi swimming in a pool
Or perhaps they were only leaves.

Compass plant leaf
Rattled loud rolling along 
As it blew past me.

Rainbow Trout


  1. They look cheerful (even the crow in a way). Love your autumn photos!

  2. Omelets, bakery goods, and rainbow trout. Well, I'm officially hungry now.

  3. A good neighbor indeed. Your too, Steve. And yummy looking rainbows. Our DNR rarely stock them in Bluff Country anymore. Another excuse to head to Montana next year...:)

  4. Waxwings are such mysterious birds. One never knows when or where they will show up-

  5. Get out in the bush while you can. There's always something interesting. I always tell elderly people who I am. They know me and would think of my name later.

  6. The first shot and the leaves under the water were my favorite.

  7. Hi OOTP - Reva must be so pleased to see you .. even if she doesn't always remember ... and how lovely you can share bakery goodies together.

    Now the trout is more my style - lots of them ... sounds so good .. as I sit here with salad for lunch ... wonderful shots and stories ... cheers Hilary

  8. some beautiful trout there. and the wheel turns.

  9. What a nice neighbor you are sharing your bakery goodies. You probably make her day


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