Friday, November 21, 2014


Trumpeter Swans
Note how the middle one has a band around it's neck as part of a program to restore these majestic birds where they were once plentiful. There is a state conservation breeding pond near here, so I wondered if the others were babies grown up. Their call sounds like a French horn.

The beauty that keeps me going out early in the mornings.

Invasion of jellyfish found at Iowa lake, LOL

 Hoar Frost
The ice is so thin I was glad not to see any holes in it after seeing the tracks gong across. Must have been a small critter like a muskrat. I like how their paths crisscrossed, but they made it safely to the other shore.

What is left of a hornets nest I never knew was there when the leaves were out.
Hard to fit an Amish buggy in the drive through.
The simpler way to live, this is the town hitching post. 
This ancient burr Oak seems to lean more each year I pass it.



  1. That first horse is stocky! LOL over your jellyfish.

  2. How in the heck do those long horns get in the bale feeder!? Lol!
    Cool ponies....a draft cross of some sort?
    Better get outta the water with those jellyfish! Haha! Love natural ice sculptures! Very cool!
    This time of year the ruff legged hawks show up. They are so cool looking, and not really afraid of people...
    Now right there is my kind of transportation! Love it!
    Poor old oak tree! It sure is a beauty though..
    Great photos!

  3. Wonderful photos and feelings. So THAT'S how you spell hoar!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  4. That's a lot of bull :)
    We see a lot of Amish buggies around here and this time of year all I can think is how cold it must be traveling in them. Very rarely do I see any that are enclosed

  5. Thanks for the walk. I wish we had a nice pond close by. I wonder what it is like to go by horse and buggy.

  6. Hi OOTP - amazing about the jelly-fish ..the hoar frost and the ice - yes with the weather you've been having I can understand those. Wonderful shots and they give us a great idea of your prairie and its Iowa surrounds ... it's good they're encouraging the wildlife ... then farm life - wonderful transport ... and that oak tree - so much will be living with it as it leans ...

    Cheers and have a good weekend - Hilary

  7. I'm visiting from 'the Smitten Image.' Loved your photography...Look forward to dropping by often to live vicariously through your lens. Cheers, Mac

  8. Great post! btw You were right the river on one of my posts was the Root in Forestville S P....

  9. so many interesting shots, Bulls and swans and all. :)

  10. You needed some peanut bunkers to go with that jellyfish, Steve. I did enjoy seeing the Amish buggy and recall seeing one in a similar situation in Lancaster, PA when we visited several months ago. But, the best one was at the Home Depot.


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