Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Buck Fever

A light snow and very cold day didn't slow down anyone.

That stoic pose and impressive gait all make one stop in their tracks to watch a nice buck.

This younger buck wanted to join in with his larger brothers, but was kept off to the sidelines. He will grow a larger rack if he survives for a few more year. During rut season in November, deer come out of the deep woods to build harems and propagate species. When I see young ones and bucks in the same area, I often look for family similarities. In February one can find antler sheds, but never seem to find the same ones you see this time of year. They have a big territory and spread out after mating.


  1. Love the white tail antlers...we have mule and white tail here. The white tail seem to die off due to blue younger that they get. It awesome to see a mulie with white tail antlers...
    Fantastic shots!

  2. Such wonderful creatures. You got some fine captures. We're still waiting for the first of ours to come around for a feeding. I suspect, like last year, it will be once hunting season has ended. I hope we will see the usual suspects.

  3. They look so majestic posing with pride. These are some of the best pictures you have posted to date.

  4. wonderful shots, this is my way of shooting a buck :) I've seen a few doe in the mornings on the drive to work. Luckily I see them far enough off.

  5. This buck probably wanted to stay close to his harem and so stuck around so you got some great photos.

    1. Red, This was over quite a few days, there are 13 different bucks here. One needs stealth and perseverance to find that shot, many scatter before the click of the camera. I accredit this to why the big ones still are at large. I missed some really nice ones.

  6. We read so many mysteries on that face!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  7. Some real beauties there. A few also looked mighty tasty.

  8. Great photos of the deer... We have lots of deer around here (since they are protected in our area)---but I never ever see the bucks. They must come out at nights --but the does and little ones come out all day long....

    Love seeing all of your pictures.

  9. Hi OOTP - aren't they amazing and thanks for posting the variety of photos ... life is quite extraordinary that it offers us so much ... delighted you have the patience to wait and click - thanks .. love the photos and area .. cheers Hilary

  10. beautiful and elegant animals. I'm glad they don't come in my yard though as they would eat all my landscaping.

  11. They are beautiful. We have a large number of deer that hang out in our pastures. I enjoy watching them.

  12. what amazing bird and other animal captures!
    thank you for visiting me.


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