Saturday, November 29, 2014

Big Bird

Two species with very large wing spans, Bald Eagle and White Pelican. I am shocked the pelicans are staying in this brutal cold when they could be lounging down on the Gulf of Mexico. Maybe they didn't make reservations in time. This section of the Des Moines River stays open most of the winter and attracts large numbers of eagles, geese and other fish eating birds.

 Ice on the stream makes a delightful pattern.

Treasures I had found two months ago when I sat on this log in shorts.
The translucent colors found in some leaves almost reminded me of Tibetan Prayer flags.

 A dragon perhaps, what do you see?

Two immature Bald Eagles sitting in the renewed snow. We got a good cover again, but it may melt off as most of the previous snow did.

Red-bellied Woodpecker

I enjoyed watching this chipmunk playing and eating in the fresh snow. It made me want to get out with my sled for a bit and make use of this nice powder. I sat and realized how cold it was in about twenty minutes and went home and fixed a pot of coffee. I decided to wait and see if anyone would call and ask me to join them, but with the intense cold many stayed indoors.  I captioned the middle chipmunk picture for Facebook, "A time to feed the cold and hungry." I stay adamant with filling local food pantries to help those in need. As I write this I am waiting for the sun to warm it up a bit and I will be fishing for a few trout to eat for my dinner. It is a happy life for someone living out on the prairie. My thoughts of good health and happiness extends to all of you, carried on a gentle prairie breeze.


  1. It's do cool to see the pelicans when they show up here. They never stay long. I also like to see the trumpeter swans...they are so pretty!
    That does look like a dragon. Lol! I have a piece of wood in the flower bed that looks like a crocodile! Ha!
    That chipmunk is too cute!
    What a generous thing to do, filling the local food pantry. Sweet!

  2. You know the value of being outdoors. It's too bad many more people couldn't find enjoyment out doors. The world would be much better off.

  3. Oh, I adore this chipmunk! What a cutie!

  4. Hi OOTP - love the photo of you and special littlie .. wonderful to see. Interesting about the birds, especially the pelicans .. great shots of the chipmunk too .. and the ice. Well I could go on!

    On the 4th - 6th Dec ..there's a bloghop food fest for the food banks .. we did it last year ... MJ Joachim of Effectively Human is hosting it .. she did it with Tina last year, who sadly is no longer with us ...

    Here's the link .. there's a sign up list somewhere .. but I think it's buried in the G+ scenario .. and I'm pretty limited in my use of the social side of life ..

    I hope you'll feel you can join us .. as you give what you can now I've noted .. thanks ..

    Appreciate the support .. cheers Hilary

  5. that tree is fascinating and yes, I can see a dragon too. That chipmunk is pretty cute. Poor little guy must be pretty cold with all that snow on him though

  6. Hi OOTP .. I meant to say your tree stem .. looks like a warthog - I've just seen a boar and that reminded me I'd never added that snippet into my comment ... cheers H

  7. winter is not my time of year but I know that everything needs to rest. love the little chipmunk. wish we had them down here.

  8. You have a good variety of animals this time, but you always do. I especially like the chipmunk.


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