Sunday, November 9, 2014

Around The Farm

Life out on the prairie isn't too b-a-a-a-a-a-d. A goat at the bottom of this picture has a big smile.
Amish tractors
This hawk disrupted all the birds I was watching from my blind.
There are just a few areas with some color left.
White-tail Buck

After the first severe frost there are still a few blooms to enjoy.
This young wild turkey has a few weeks to stay away from Thanksgiving hunters. I have nine free range turkeys left, pluck your own at home. My daughter already harvested three who were having some getting along problems. How to solve a turkey barnyard battle, eat them.
This almost looks like a stained glass window


  1. That's neat you raise your own turkeys. We have never tried that - just chickens. Great shots!

  2. A nice variety of outdoor life. Somebody will be after those whitetails soon.

  3. Hopefully the rest of the turkeys can learn from others mistakes about getting along :)

  4. Nice buck! We have wild turkeys here....they are so cool to watch.
    Love the fungi on the tree.....all your pictures are so fantastic!
    And you are on the prairie isn't baaaaaaad!

  5. Looks like winter is on the way!!!! We have a cold front coming on Thursday ---and it is supposed to stay cold for awhile... Brrrrrr...

    Love seeing your late Fall colors. We still have some beauties here ---and I posted a picture of our beautiful Beech Tree on Facebook yesterday...

    Love seeing the young buck... We seldom see the bucks out around here. We see the does and the little ones --but the big bucks stay out of sight.

    Great pictures...

  6. Hi OOTP - the farm looks healthy - love the smiling goat! Baa Baa ... gorgeous photos too ... we had chickens when I was younger, and geese - but the fox got those. Love turkey - but they're such big birds - so we need a Thanksgiving or a Christmas ... someone gave me one - that I cooked up for them (elderlies), for me, a friend got the bones and bits - they were happy .. had lots of soup, and some slices for the Nursing Centre staff ... that was in the Spring one year ... wild turkeys sound good ...

    Cheers Hilary

  7. I've never seen so many goats in one place around here. That's pretty good. The most I ever see is one or two mixed in with horses.

  8. wonderful photos as usual. we are having our first real winter days...cold, windy, and overcast.

  9. Terrific photos as always, Steve. I love that buck, those adorable goats and I laughed at Amish tractors.

  10. Handsome buck there. Hope he survives hunting season.....

  11. Eating them is one way to quiet arguing wildlife.


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