Friday, October 17, 2014

The Changes

Someone makes her own hike and seems to like taking extra routes, later catching up when called.

Hey, did someone say my name?

Sulpher Butterfly
Here I am!
Flowers fading
Trees changing
Warm days gone
Fall is here.

                               A Question Mark butterfly, a tiny member of the angelwing family.

The last one, a King


  1. With all of those fantastic pictures of the fall you saved the best for last. The moon is a "WOW" sort of picture.

  2. Great pictures, Steve... You are right: Summer is leaving us --and Fall is here. AND SOON it will be winter... Time is flying by!!!!!

    Your Pup loves being out in nature almost as much as I do ---or as his Daddy does!!!! Great group of shots today...

  3. Wonderful pictures, Steve !
    I love blue flowers and the last photo.
    Have a great week-end !

  4. Daisy sure does enjoy herself on those hikes.
    Fall is coming on fast. It seems like over night things have changed dramatically

  5. so few butterflies around here this year. our nights are cool but the days are still warm.


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