Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Rainy Daze

Where is that pesky chipmunk? A real torment for a little Lily dog. She went back to the same area yesterday and kept guard for that little critter. Guess they can be real mean. LOL Even in the rain.

 Some early flights were grounded with heavy fog.


  1. our fall asters haven't started blooming yet. Lily looks very determined.

  2. Those purple flowers are really pretty!

  3. Love the last 2 pics. The geese haven't even started to arrive here! There's always a few ducks and geese that stick around here on the creek all year. But I love to see the swarms of them come in. And the noise! We have a reserve that stays open all year. It has a warm spring running into it. Right outside the bedroom window! Lol!

  4. I like your theme where you take photos in the rain.

  5. Rainy day and overcast conditions are my favorite times for photographing as there are no anniying sun shadows to watch for and which occasionally get in the way. I liked the asters especially in this post, Steve.


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