Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How Exciting!

 A few days of cold introduced the month of October to Fall weather. I hadn't worn long pants very often other than on some chilly mornings fishing. I was up on the lake all day Sunday welcoming bits of sunshine and feeling the change in the weather. Nobody else stayed in the campground so it was a true delight to have the area to one's self. A few large groups of Franklin Gulls were coming from the north headed for winter grounds along the Pacific coast and into areas farther south. I could see a glint of a scope across the lake on a lookout and headed across hoping it was someone I knew. A lady  from Missouri had her scope set up and shared for a short time before she had to meet with her group elsewhere. It was nice to see a close-up of the migrants, along with a few others I hadn't seen very well with my binoculars. After she headed out  I stayed and watched the massive rafts of birds until a boat moved them down the lake farther. It was a highlight of the day, a gift for my birthday. I smiled thinking about them a few times as I hiked enjoying a crisp fall day.

Lily really likes to roll in the sand.
Also taking time to dig,  showing Daisy the ropes didn't take long today.

A new addition to the farm, Polka Dot.


  1. Happy birthday! I'm glad you are seeing monarchs. I haven't seen any this year or hardly any butterflies at all. or bees for that matter. we're having cool mornings but the days heat up.

  2. Happy Birthday. Glad you had a nice day. Daisy's cute with her sandy nose

  3. Migration is an exciting season. We're pretty well finished with migration here. We still have crows, ducks and geese.

  4. My birthday is also in October. Happy birthday and I'm glad you had a special day.

  5. Happy Birthday, Steve !
    What a pleasure to watch this post !

  6. How is it that it's your birthday and yet you're gifting us with these beauties. Have a great one, Steve.

  7. Hi OOTP - how lovely having time to take nature in - and on your birthday ... lovely Monarchs, and great to know life carries along the wind to warmer climes ...

    Love the fluffy feathers a-top ... cheers Hilary


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