Thursday, September 4, 2014

Out Back

This poor tattered Monarch  just floated in when I was leaving a  friends home. Not many around this year so it is always nice to see any. All the one's I have pictured today are males. I would still like to see a few eggs being laid by some females before they start migrating to Mexico.

I have always enjoyed zinnias, they have a happy look always. They also attract hummingbirds and butterflies to enjoy around the yard.  This year I planted six varieties from small to tall. I got bulk seed for the taller ones and shared with my children and friends.

 I am back at home to grab a few things before going camping. I checked with lake levels  and fishing reports and the computer tells me I might be better off in Colorado or the Dakotas. Stopping in on a favorite place this morning sent me home early with raised lake levels again. I caught a few fish, but not like I would earlier in the year. Where I had stood last week was deep under water.

No mystery goes unnoticed, I call them Nosey Rosey when they can't leave something alone.

A visitor for a week. Wapsie Willie went to Montana and left his dog with me. He couldn't run without a leash as mine can, nor master my pet door. I renamed him a few times when he acted up and proved he had no training hardly. Lets bark at and chase the cat was another bad habit especially in the middle of the night that left him yelping. Glad to have you back Willie.


  1. Your lovely zinnias made me think of my mother. She made sure there were always plenty of zinnias of all colors and sizes in her garden. She said they added so much to the flower arrangements she made to decorate our home.

  2. HA HA---I'll bet you were glad when Willie returned... Undisciplined Dogs are as bad as undisciplined children.... Nuff said... ha

    Glad you caught some fish despite the conditions. We are still quite dry here although we finally did get a little rain this past week.

    Love your butterflies --and your nosy-rosy babies!! OH---I also love Zinnias. My mother used to grow them so they bring back good memories for me.


  3. Fall can be a very colorful season and throw in a few monarchs and it's awesome.

  4. Finally more Monarchs showing up as the gather for the trip south....

  5. Wapsie Willie! Too cute.
    The Zinnias are Glorious Steve! Love the NoseyRosies too!
    Be safe on your trip!!!

  6. I love zinnias especially the tall ones. Haven't seen any monarchs here this year. How can you tell they are male? Do you have milkweed in your yard? It's the only larval plant for monarchs.

  7. It's always fun to see butterflies. Monarchs have always been hard for me to find for some reason. I have very few pictures of them.

  8. Oh you have the troublesome pooch and I have the troublesome visiting cat. I'm glad your friend returned. Beautiful flowers.. and lovely butterflies. We seem to have a few Monarchs hanging about or passing through.

  9. Darn.. Blogger ate my comment.

    Your flowers and butterfly photos are wonderful. We've been seeing some Monarchs around here.. possibly passing through on their way south.

    Too bad about the doggie woes. I'm having visiting feline woes as well.

  10. Not many monarchs spotted here either this year, Steve. Our aging butterfly plants seemingly no longer hold interest for many flutter-bys. We don't have any zinnias planted and perhaps that's a reason because these sure seemed a big attraction in your photos.


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