Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Out And About

If you look at the lower wing there is a stripe that has three veins, the next to last stripe on the bottom. There is a swelling on the lowest one of the three veins that is a scent gland. It shows better when the wing is open designating this Monarch as a female.

Pearl Crescent
My dog likes to wait for me on the dashboard so I laughed when I saw this one waiting.

Late bloomer, I have been seeing a few Spiderworts blooming. They were some of the first color out on the prairie in the spring.

Now that was funny
I made this tornado with a close-up on clouds and placing the funnel low in the frame.
Just after a rain there is a lot of traffic at the feeders.
I could do without the visitors that sting, such as the Bald-faced Hornet below.

No, it really wasn't me spilling that watering can, the dogs did it.


  1. I love the last image,. So funny. But the rest are amazing as well. Love the sunflower.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Great shots! I like the hummingbird. I did not know that about the scent gland.

  3. Hi OOTP - lovely shots and thank you for showing us the swelling for the Monarch lady - amazing photos .. delightful, dogs, cat, wet and birds .. cheers Hilary

  4. thanks for the explanation determining a female monarch though I did not see it. great pics as usual.

  5. Fall is still a colorful time

  6. Thanks for explaining how to tell a monarch sex, even if I still cannot do this. I know that eastern yellow swallowtails have different coloration between male and female and that's the extent of my knowledge of butterfly sexes. I am with you on not liking wasps of any kind, Steve. And, of course the cat didn't spill the water bucket!

  7. HA HA ---that kitty looks SO innocent... NOT!!!!! ha

    I didn't know how to tell a male and female Monarch apart. SO--I definitely learned something from you today.. Thanks!

    Love your hummingbirds.. We have a few still around here too.

    Enjoy FALL.

  8. All of your pictures capture the color and feeling of the subjects. I do not know how you do it. The picture of the tornado is dead on.

  9. Beautiful shots. The cat can blame the dog but that smile on the dogs face didn't look like guilt to me :)

  10. Hej Steve, a lovely collage of photos.
    Yes, the cat was saying exactly that I'm sure. A beautiful Monarch butterfly. I've never seen a Monarch here in DK but we sometimes see the white swallowtail flying quickly by!! The Pearl Crescent is probably similar to our DK National butterfly Aglais urticae.
    Thank you!
    Grethe ´)


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