Monday, September 29, 2014

It's A Rough Life

 Standing on the hill I looked across to see trees at a similar level. The path went at a steep angle and took me into a canyon that would remain  hidden if one didn't know how to ascend into it. These are gems to find out on the prairie and always fun to explore, since you often are the only new addition to  the area. I always find something new and remember the first time I was here and where I might stop to take in the silence from the outside world. All one hears are the tiny stream and wind rustling through the leaves. Soon the birds begin greeting you and the world around them to add to the beauty. I close my eyes to take in the sounds around me and drift off with the gentle breeze carrying happiness to all who listen. It is an age old song carried through time, the voice of the land.

Yes that is a tiny dog climbing on the tree spanning the creek.

 We have added a few goats to the farm.

 Like living stones


  1. Who would have known that some of your pictures were taken in the prairie??? They looked like they could have been taken in the Smokies!!!!! Great photos, Steve. I love experiencing Autumn from blog friends across the country. I saw a blog post today showing the gorgeous Aspens in bloom in CO... Wow!!!! Do you all have Aspens?

    Interesting about the goats... Wonder if they will eat Kudzu??? We have so much of it in our area --and it just takes over.


  2. I feel like that pup on the couch sometimes too! Lol!
    Your photos are the voice of the land. All we have to do is look and listen.
    Goats are wonderful little creatures. That's great you got some.

  3. Wonder if those goats will earn their keep? Seems pretty unusual and honestly have never seen a sign like that one. Looks like you have had another enjoyable outing, Steve.

  4. Happy Dog speaks well for his human companion.

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  5. I really like, "Voice of the land."

  6. That first picture is so cute. She does have a rough life. :)
    Interesting way to control invasive plants. Are the plants labeled so the goats know which ones they should nibble

  7. Great pictures. Your dog's sideways glance is so cute. Is that a red dragonfly?

  8. Like that one of goats at work :-)


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