Friday, September 19, 2014

Falling In Place

Even the smallest flower
Or maybe a butterfly the size of your thumbnail
Or even a few spoiled horses to make your day happy.

Seeing a lot of hummingbirds as they ready for migration. I moved my feeders in close to my patio so I could enjoy them more. It is a true delight to have them zoom right past you.

I worked for two weeks to get a good Goldfinch shot before I got this one. Now they are molting off the bright yellow to take on their winter colors. I am seeing a lot of birds flocking and many have left the area such as the Red-winged Blackbirds. Soon the Turkey Vultures will trade places with the Bald Eagles and I will have them all around me again. I saw a few through the summer who must be nesting close by.With all the rain lately one would think it is spring not turning to fall. There was a major storm that woke me this morning and I was glad to be in my bed and not on my cot in the tent. A light patter is relaxing, but heavy rain makes it hard to get out the door. It has been cold all week and it was nice to curl up in my blankets.



  1. Pretty bird shots. Those are some good looking horses!

  2. They are a delight. The yellow color of their feathers is so uplifting, but I also like the black touch!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. We went from zilch to more and more eagles overwintering in our county even though we are more than an hours drive from The Big River...:)

  4. Lovely sites to see. We have not seen a hummingbird for about a week now. They know something we didn't know for sure. Summer is well and truly over. Sigh!

  5. any of these sights could cheer up an otherwise dull day. It's been cold here all week too. It makes for nice sleeping weather

  6. We sent you the nasty cold weather. Last week we had snow for two days and a low of Minus 5 C for two mornings. The frost did a number on soft tissue plants. Now we won't send the nice weather your way that we're having this week.

  7. I love goldfinches. They just stand out like a sore thumb!

  8. I saw a goldfinch a couple of weeks ago. my first sighting ever. still fairly hot and muggy here. though I've started hearing the acorns bounce off the roof.


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