Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Crisp Fall Day

Nature often shares a bouquet with us. I enjoy finding a good assortment of color placed all together as with this first photo. I watch them fade and decline, remembering their original glory. The New England asters range in color from pink to a deep purple. There are two tinier varieties of aster that are white, but often get tints of purple and pinks. My mother used to recite a fall poem with a line, "Asters de purple." I have tried to find it and often wonder if the word "de" was from her European heritage, both Swedish and Italian. Because of this,asters always have offered a charm in the fall. A movement off to the side catches my attention and I head off chasing a butterfly on another bloom. My happiness is carried off on a gentle prairie breeze, carried to all who listen. It leaves a kiss on each aster as it passes them by.



  1. What pretty pictures. I guess the flowers won't be around too much longer...

  2. A lovely montage of fall images ... love that top photo... the colors are wonderful!

  3. All of these beauties will be quickly coming to an end.

  4. You captured the colors of fall so beautifully but the pup in a bag is simply the cutest thing I have seen in a long time.

  5. Ahhh--your wildflowers are GORGEOUS... Love them!!! Glad you are getting some chilly weather there now. We are NOT... Almost hot here today!. BUT--a front is coming through hopefully tomorrow and it is supposed to turn much colder. Hope SO!!!

  6. What a pretty assortment of flowers in that first picture. Looks like some pup is snuggled in and keeping warm.

  7. Very lovely photos, Steve.. and I especially love that puppy in the blanket.
    Might your "asters de purple" actually be "asters DEEP purple"?

    Asters deep purple,
    A grasshopper’s call,
    Today it is summer,
    Tomorrow is fall.


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