Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Love Is In The Air

When I first saw her my heart raced. She flew by and soon the whole world was centered around her. She was soon joined by two males eager to win her grace. She is in the middle and obviously the largest in the picture below. She was more inspired to eat rather than play with her suitors.

Globe Thistle
A rarity this summer, a Monarch, charges up the energy out on the prairie.

Indigo Bunting
Partridge Pea


  1. I am glad the butterflies are out there with you, because they are not here in Nashville. I have seen one Monarch, and it had half of one wing missing. I have seen one swallowtail. I work in gardens. If there were more butterflies, I would be seeing them. What a sad situation.

  2. Wow at the sky in the first image! But all of these nature images are great!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. there's much to see if we would only open our eyes.

  4. I've seen a few monarch's this year but never when I have a camera. I've never had much luck getting a picture of them any way. I guess I'm just too slow

  5. Beautiful butterflies. And the buntings are so pretty. We get a quick glimpse of them passing thru. They are very shy.
    And yes, a haboob is a wall of dust coming at ya! Most common in Arizona. We've had a few here now. They are an awesome sight. Usually accompanied by high winds.

  6. Those butterfly shots are really neat. And I love the bluebird!

  7. Love your sky photos. WOW!!! AND your flowers are beautiful... AND--your bluebird is protecting the nest I'll bet. (I'll do a Bird Blog on Monday.)

    AND---you are in love with the butterfly/butterflies --like I am in love with our ROSES....


  8. Very few butterflies in Bluff Country this summer and a dearth of bumble bees. Whats going on....


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