Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Headed Over To The Mississippi River

I sat in the barn
Letting time pass me by
Good times, old times
New times flew
So quickly by.

Walking bridges like this one used to be all over the states. Often they connected across a major gorge created by a stream that bifurcated  a township. This swinging bridge has been in place in Columbus Junction, Iowa  for over one hundred years. It originally was built with barrel staves and has been rebuilt a few times. I had to grab the handrails when in the middle since it was swaying pretty good. I talked a friend, Bumpy Rhodes, to go on it a few years ago  to challenge her fear of heights. She didn't care for it very well, and refused to try it on this day. The dogs joined me, but they are fearless, or just follow me anywhere. It is real nice to be in the treetops, and I always stop when within thirty miles. On this day I was headed over to Clinton County to look over a few cabins at Rock Creek along the Great River Road. This area was under water until the last few weeks and full of families out to have fun camping along the Mississippi River. There is always a charm when I get close to this river. I was married on a tall bluff over looking it at Lansing and the minister was shocked when I showed up with a suit and tie, he thought I might be in my waders.
Going over and walking back

You know what was on my mind when I stood in this gift shop at the visitor center.
I need a boat like this. If any of you have one you should take me along or just give it to me.

These are real inexpensive. You  can see the water line on the supports.


  1. Amazing nature. Love the red of the bard, as well as the hanging bridge.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Cool barn! And I love the bridge. And the cottages. Neat pictures.

  3. I happen to like swinging bridges but I can understand why some one wouldn't care for them.

  4. I always enjoy your photos. I love the Mississippi River. I used to go over to Reelfoot Lake here in Tennessee and walk the levees along Old Man River. With luck maybe someday I will be able to get over there again.

  5. I love that boat. I could definitely get into having that boat.

  6. I think I could manage that bridge so long as it didn't swing too much


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