Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Four O'clocks at Nine O'clock

As a child my mother always planted Four O'clocks, they are unique since they open late in the day and  through the evening. I would always help since I was her apprentice in gardening so often would hear an interesting story. I put in two varieties this year and enjoy them taking me back a few decades with thoughts of previous beds.
These toadstools looked like pancakes, making me hungry for some cakes all day.
A tiny Amberwing

Great Blue Heron
Eastern Kingbird
My small tent is easier to set up sometimes. A fellow joked and asked if I had all the comforts of home and I told him I forgot the TV. He had a huge motor home and obviously traveled in it a great deal with his Tennessee plates. I keep my van packed all season so it is ready to go any time.
Dahlias are a fun flower to add, especially huge ones like this. At a friends funeral a few years back I spoke at I commented he tried for thirty five years to get a first place at the State Fair with ones he hybridized. His real job was working with hybridizing chickens, which he was real good at. He also waited the same time to see the Chicago Cubs make the World Series. The same family always got that first place, but he  had some lovely flowers all over his yard. As for the baseball team, they are still trying and as a die hard fan he is still probably cheering. We finished the funeral with a huge pipe organ playing, "Take Me Out To The Ball Game." Everyone stood and sang.
Made sauce yesterday with my new strainer.

Four O'clock
Each Liatris has it's own personality

Compass Plant


  1. Your apprenticeship with your mother paid off well. Your flowers always look wonderful.
    Those toadstools do look like pancakes. Now I'm wondering if I have time for some before I have to leave for work

  2. Steve, I am wondering just how toadstool pancakes would taste as it has been awhile since we have had pancakes­čśë too. Homemade tomato sauce is wonderful and several years ago we had a large enough garden to try it. Nowadays, I use cans of crushed tomatoes instead.

  3. Hi OOTP - stunning photos .. amazing shots and I love your mother's story and no doubt many others ... cheers Hilary


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