Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Camping With A Rather Bald-headed Friend

High water has pushed the lake up to record levels. This is a flooded dockless boat ramp and extends farther than you can see the tiny trees that border it. My best fishing area was 34 feet below water level and receding slowly. To me it is not fast enough. I need to go and fish for trout in NE Iowa. I would be up there now, but have too much going around the farm. I have so many tomatoes I went and got a Victorio strainer with both tomato and salsa screens to use. Stop by, good conversation helps the time fly. We can share what we make and take turns cranking the strainer. As children it was a privilege to be chosen by a parent or grandparent to crank a cast iron grinder we used. I still use the conical strainer with a wooden mallet we used when I was young. The new one will go faster and with less effort I hope.

This guy was
Was flying by
Swooped in
Just to say

The next morning I went to survey where to fish. While looking around the lake I could hear some chatter around the bay. At first I imagined people, but knew few were up for a beautiful sunrise in this area. An Indigo Bunting landed next to me in a tiny Mulberry tree, picked clean of ripe berries. Food is scarce with high water. This tree showed scars of a higher flood six years ago where waters where even higher.He flitted around and I watched with my camera sitting on the back of a chair I had brought down. I didn't want to move since I hadn't ever been so close to this favorite bird. After he left I looked for the owners making this bay ring out in natures song. Perhaps it was a chant from the past. It was a song of centuries, carried on a gentle prairie breeze, out on the prairie. 

Across the bay
 Sat a family
Preening and warming in the sun.


  1. Turning the crank reminds me of my brother and I when we churned cream or made ice cream. We would fight to be the one turning the crank when the cream turned to butter or ice cream.

  2. wonderful photos but I have to say those are some ugly birds :)

  3. Send some of that rain this way! Nashville could use it-

  4. Bald red headed friends indeed. I was working cutting up some dead oak yesterday, forgot my hat and got a little sunburned on top. Bald red headed as it were......

  5. I have tomatoes starting to come in now too. I bet your salsa is great!

  6. Those boys are pretty ugly. See our version in Texas too often, sometimes circling above me while in my hammock. Need to move more, I guess.

    As to that tomato business -- I'm jealous.

  7. I love the closeups of the turkey vulture. Those birds are fascinating.

  8. Oh wow! Those are great shots. I love when the vultures show up here. The dogs go nuts barking. The vultures sit in the yard trees!

  9. Great photos. I can't believe your tomatoes are already ripe. Mine are still green as grass. Wish I was standing on the shore with you.

  10. What a neat photo of him! SO close!
    Things look warm there for you!


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