Saturday, August 23, 2014

Back At The Farm

Chipping Sparrow

Now that is real nice

A lovely Bluebird
Watching from a tree
Making me smile
Out on the prairie.

I am seeing some change in colors around me. I laid awake early this morning watching and listening to a storm. A heat surge has came through creating these storms. Yesterday I was lounging in the water when a big thunder clap and lightening  sounded. I got out and showered , with the storm being over when I finished. I should have waited it out, but I did have things to do. Think I will brew some coffee today and go sit on my patio and watch nature paint the landscape before the sun comes up. All of my pets are in my bed so I got pushed out. I hate to spoil them, but a few don't care for the storms like I do. One cat lays close in hopes to have it's dish filled. It makes me feel so needed in this world. I'm afraid he will have to wait.


  1. so lovely. days are noticeably shorter but we are still getting our hottest days. it will be a while yet before I start seeing any signs of the end of summer.

  2. Beautiful pictures. It is always nice to be needed.

  3. I love waking up to rain and storms... Makes me want to stay in BED longer though--although I do enjoy sitting outside under our big umbrella and smelling and enjoying the rain!!!!

    We have some signs of Fall here also...Seems as if summer has passed by quickly this year. The older I get--the faster time flies!!!! ha

    Love your flowers and birdies --especially the Bluebirds.

  4. I've been seeing some subtle signs that fall is getting ready to make an appearance. Sitting on the patio with a cup of coffee sounds like a wonderful way to start the day

  5. In the pool during a storm sounds like a good place to be. Again great photos of prairie blooms.

  6. I love the pictures of the bluebird. I've been hearing a lot of birds lately, but I haven't really seen any.

  7. I've learned all about a housedogs having privileges that none of my hunting Chessapeaks and GSD Baron never had. Her name is Lily, a rescue GSD who belongs to my wife who makes the rules for the house. Basically Lily can hop on our bed any time the mood strikes her.....:)

  8. You make living "out on the prairie" look so awesome. To be surrounded by so many beautiful parts of nature is quite the treat. Thanks for sharing all the beauty with us. Looks like your camping trip was a good one too. Have a great weekend. Mickie :)


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