Saturday, July 12, 2014

No Bull

Well maybe just a little bull, while I stirred up a few herds.

This shorthorn was not happy with my calling in his herd.
But this guy was ready to mow down anything in his way. You can see him pawing at the ground ready to give me a piece of his mind. I liked it when I saw the dirt flying  in the second shot. This herd was mostly Brown Swiss with a few others thrown in. He was my first fierce encounter of the week, making it seem that no fence was going to hold him back.

Just kidding around with a few babies.
A new haircut, there is a tiny dog under all that fur.
Fresh picked!
Compass Plant
Grey-headed Coneflower
Rattlesnake Master
Painted Lady

Tiny woodland treasure

This Black Swallowtail could not ever stop. Lots to visit out on the prairie, this week lots of nice breezes to enjoy in the mornings. One of my favorite fishing spots is thirty four feet under water. Lots of rain has kept these large bodies of water full. I wanted to go trout fishing in the Northeast part of the state, but had to wait for a Amish fellow to deliver a shed he made for me. This next week may be better anyway. It is hard to leave with all the nice veggies I have to pick. My garden is just starting to take off, and as usual I planted too much. I froze some green beans today, I can't keep up with just eating them. My first planting of sweet corn is starting to form ears. There are a few local stands being set up. My favorite stand for corn switched to cattle and honey a few years back. I remind him that his corn was the best every year. I enjoy the honey and stop for a few other things he sells.


  1. I've heard of 'nose rings' ---but yours wins the prize!!!! ha.... Calling in the herd may not be my favorite job for sure!!!! But --they are beauties!!!

    Those fresh green beans looks delicious! And --I loved seeing all of your flowers and critters! But the best is your baby's new haircut...


  2. my garden didn't do diddly this year and I have no understanding as to why. I believe the little gray butterfly is a hairstreak. I've stopped freezing green beans. Taste and texture are seriously compromised.

  3. Did you payback at that bull? I would have! Lol! If a safe spot was close by! When you paw back, our cows look at you like what? Ha!
    34 feet over with the water? Yikes!
    Love your beautiful flowers.

  4. The prairie is certainly a beautiful land. We are on short grass prairie. We get and abundance of wild flowers and grass land birds.

  5. I'm laughing at your nose ring. Does someone think you are a little too hard to
    Looks like you have been having lots of fun.

  6. Looks like you're having fun! Too bad about the corn place. Maybe you'll find another good stand.

  7. Omword!! That Bull pawing the ground!! Run Steve...RUN!!Hahaaaa
    Love all the photos!

  8. Your photos always make me sigh. Even if I've just seen similar scenes, myself.. and I sometimes do.. your pics always make me want to fall into the scenes. Just lovely. And that's no bull! (too funny.. that first pic).

  9. Steve that flourescent green shirt and hat may have made the bull see red or at least really make you stand out. I prefer the green in the beans, nothing like fresh picked.

  10. Forgot to add that the haircut looked a bit severe.

  11. The cows are beautiful. Now you with the nose ring? Nevermind. My first picking of beans will be done by someone other than me. Didn't time that planting right for vacation.


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