Saturday, July 5, 2014

Flowers and Ponies

Asclepias Tuberosa, the Butterfly Milkweed, always brightens the landscape when in bloom. I love this milkweed and spread it's seed later in the summer to keep the landscape bright. I went from plant to plant looking at the menagerie of insects it feeds. It makes me want to head up to Lakeside Laboratory in Northwest Iowa to view it and other new arrivals that all used to thrill me at the lab during the year. This is a cumulative school for all the state universities that works with wetland and prairie projects. It has been going for over a hundred years. That part of the state presently is flooding because of intense storms that have visited all week. My favorite beaches at the big reservoirs are under water and many areas closed. I have visited smaller lakes all week and found a nice campground at a county park I want to explore more. Friday I posted a comment  that I have caught so many fish in the last few days that the stories can't get any bigger. Each time I visit a new lake I wish I had a pontoon boat to get around better. I came home for a few days and picked my first tomatoes, green beans and still lots of edible podded peas. A neighbor watches them for me, but  doesn't like to bend over and pick goodies as often as they need it. I need to tone it down I say each year, gardening for one is hard to do. I enjoy sharing when I am overpowered and freeze a few things for winter usage. I bought a flat of blueberries yesterday so will freeze them for desserts, smoothies and pancakes. I like to snack on them fresh so may have to get more while they are so cheap.

Rattlesnake Master

 Pearl Crescent

This tiny Hairstreak is only about the size of my thumbnail.


  1. What a wonderful series of photographs. I am especially enamored of the horses. The shadows on the dark one's back ... beautiful!

  2. We have those white speckled moths here. They love the yard flowers.
    Your pics are so pretty. Love the pony nose! Ha!

  3. Enjoyed seeing the portraits of your friends horsing around, Steve. The last photo of that freshly caught fish made me think how wonderful it must taste when fried.

  4. Beautiful. Thanks for the walk. I am once again trying to grow butterfly weed. I've never had any luck, but keep trying.

  5. I like milkweed too.

    I hope the flooding calms down soon.

  6. Well done, Steve. The vibrant butterfly weed certainly lights up the prairie...:)

  7. You take the Neatest pictures!! Especially like the last one!!

  8. I have a butterfly milkweed plant in our front flower bed and it is also in colorful bloom now, but being crowded out by a few other plants so I have to keep trimming. Nice mug shot of your horse friend, Steve, who was really horse playing around for the camera. Looks like there will be some good fish eating too!


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