Monday, June 23, 2014

Sand Prairie

Red-winged Blackbird
Calls out to me
Welcome to my home
Out on the prairie.

Cactus blooms not far from my home. This is a unique area in Iowa to explore.

When this frog croaked at me while getting it's picture, Lily dove in for him off a three foot dock. We always hunt together, sometimes whether I want it or not.

Eastern Pondhawks replicating


Mourning Cloak

Common Whitetail


  1. I just started seeing a red wing blackbird showing up at my feeder but I've yet to get a picture of it.
    So was Lily successful in her frog hunt? :)

  2. Love the shots; especially the red-winged blackbird. We were at our fav swimming hole with the kids (a nice cool creek) and a red-winder flew overhead. He had such a graceful look.


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