Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Getting Around

Tiger Swallowtail

Visitor in the greenhouse

Great Blue Heron
Monarch caterpillar on milkweed
Wild Daisy at the lake
Red Admiral
Gulf Fritillary

Gray Hairstreak


Question Mark, you can see the marking on the wing.
The wind was nice for a short moment in the morning. It has been hard to find sun with all the storms coming through. I  raced to the lake  to enjoy some fishing and wished  for the cool to stay, but it faded away and the warm made me feel I maybe should be at the beach. I took a dive later and just lay in the shallows, forgetting that the sun would change me into a shade pinker. OUCH! I hate that when this happens. I am headed to a picnic with lots of lotion and sunscreen. Celebrating a pair of birthdays and admiring new critters at a friends farm. They are expanding into rabbits, turkeys and chickens to make use of their acreage better, calling it a minifarm. Hoping you transcended into summer well. I will return camping  for a few days to catch up on my pastry eating and fishing stories. I hope to visit with a few areas I have reintroduced native prairie and see what else is needed.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Sand Prairie

Red-winged Blackbird
Calls out to me
Welcome to my home
Out on the prairie.

Cactus blooms not far from my home. This is a unique area in Iowa to explore.

When this frog croaked at me while getting it's picture, Lily dove in for him off a three foot dock. We always hunt together, sometimes whether I want it or not.

Eastern Pondhawks replicating


Mourning Cloak

Common Whitetail

Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Here, Summer Not

A nice meal of striped bass. They are good eating, plus a lot of fun to catch. My title used to be a recording for the phone, " This is the OOTP summer home, summer here, summer not." This year as summer welcomes us it has been hard to tell where spring left off. Morbid hot has been all over, but the rains continue. Rivers are going over their banks  and people getting lost in the waters. I was headed to a lake this weekend, but may have had to fish in a parking area I usually park in.  Yesterday instead of meeting on the lake, my kids and grandkids joined me for lunch at  a restaurant and we had a great time just being together and enjoying  a huge meal. Stories flowed as the waters ebbed and I was glad all made it home safely. We had five inches of rain at my home yesterday. I hope you are all playing safe this summer.
Brown Thrasher
Wet dogs on a rainy day. I like to go to this hay barn and sit when the weather doesn't let us get out. It has been revamped with picnic tables making it a great place to have a picnic also. It was one of those days to listen to the rain and just get out after three days of wet.  This is at a nature center with 750 acres that has equestrian trails throughout, along with cabins and campsites that have nice corrals to park that steed. The dogs enjoy running around and then coming back to try and sit on my lap all wet. We come here year round and they can run lose in the back areas pretty easy.

Yarrow and  Spiderwort
Prairie Rose
Around the yard at the farm. I have a lot of clematis in bloom and enjoy their exotic blooms.

Brown Eyed Susan Vine
A new solar lighthouse, the light spins around and keeps ships from crashing on my prairie lawn.
At the cathedral in St. Paul, IA, this tiny town of less than 200 has a unique church. I would like to know more about this statue below.

Out on the prairie
With lots of new bloom
Plants crowding in
But there is always room.