Saturday, May 17, 2014

Prairie Spring

A recent burn, this gives vitality to an area.

Red-wing belting out the tunes

Pelican parade

The good news to share is about a widowed pelican I had shared with you. He came back to the same area each year after his mate had died, hardly moving more than thirty feet from her body the first year . He hasn't been seen for three weeks and a pair of Canadian Geese took over the spit on the river. He must have found a flock to his liking and joined their ranks. Some large flocks have passed through, a few staying to fill up on fish before leaving for better nesting areas. Pelicans eat six to eight fish a day so need good feeding areas. I saw another eagle yesterday so I'm happy to know more are staying around to nest.


  1. great photos, love the little violets. I wouldn't think that any feeding area could support a large flock of pelicans like that.

  2. Gorgeous nature images. Love the blue bird, and also the pelicans.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. You never fail to find lovely subjects for your photography. You have very fulfilling walks.

  4. This is a good [post with all spring stuff. We see lots of pelicans but they spread out when they get here and we don't see the huge flocks.

  5. things are looking great out on the prairie

  6. Oh the bluebird! I love seeing them but they are so hard to come by around here.

  7. Steve, the flock of pelicans was similar to the flocks of snow geese that we see in these parts in early spring. Many of these are in fields and there can be several hundred at a time. The wild violets are pretty and seem to multiply in our yard every spring...volunteers like these are always welcome. Good to think that the lonely pelican may be with another flock.

  8. So amazing about the pelican. My heart always feels so sad for birds that loose their mates... A blackbird has had that happen near my home...
    Honestly, your photos are just wonderful!

  9. That poor pelican....that's sad. Hope he's safe and happier now.


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