Thursday, May 29, 2014

Out On The Lake

 Eastern Kingbird

A tiny house wren
Sings me a song
An timeless love song
Out on the prairie.

Newest burn turning lush and green.
 Hey, wait for me!
A phlox that was all white instead of purple
The deep woods a getting grown over. In the fall and winter it become easy to explore, but once it grows in, it becomes impenetrable. Treasure found gets covered over and may never be found again.


  1. Blackberries mean warm temps and fun for me. Thanks for letting us tag along with you on your walk at the lake and in the woods.

  2. The variety of your photographs is delightful. I've been enjoying the look of the woods in our backyard here in Massachusetts. Over the past couple of years we've had tornadoes, hurricanes and freak snowstorms so the treetops are greatly thinned. As a result the forest floor is filled with that light baby green of new growth.

  3. I so love your photos! That is one intense little doggie!

  4. Gorgeous photos from the Prairie... I love the ones you take when you are 'on' the water... BUT--I also love seeing the land, the birds, and your sweet pups.... Great set, Steve.

  5. It's always a pleasure seeing the sights on the prairie. Lily looks like she loves the water.

  6. Laying in the water is the cutest..just too cute. Does your other dog have no ears? hahahah My Lucy looks like that when she runs.

  7. It's amazing how the burn greens up so lush. Love the wild phlox. And all the wild flowers. I've tried planting some in my yard, they never make it. I'm going to try planting rock roses. Also known as Bitter Root.

  8. No green like a spring green.

  9. It's so nice to see the greens of spring again, isn't it? Pretty flowers and birds.. an oh such adorable dogs.

  10. I have been traveling and missed quite a few of our walks. I am getting caught up. Thank you for sharing your adventures. I truly enjoy them.

  11. Breaking away from these pups is nearly impossible. I look forward to the day they can follow off-leash and actually get along! Anyway, I agree, spring is a great time for exploring the woods ... the undergrowth takes away the surprise of discoveries!


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