Friday, April 4, 2014

Warm Daze

Not seeing very many eagles, just a few at a time. They are all headed north, they seem  to enjoy the cold. I miss seeing them every day, but know they will return. It is a delight to be so close to them while here, the season seems so short. I saw a nest, but it is on private land and hard to determine who owns it. Best to not disturb this area anyway. One can watch a number of eagle cams, the Decorah site is probably the most popular. I  have fished a lot just across the road from there, catching some nice trout. This area is described as Little Switzerland with lots of tall hills, limestone cliffs and deep valleys to explore. I have regular routines while in the area and love to visit old haunts. The trout wake me up every day before dawn and the streams sing a song to put me a sleep.

I liked the green shimmer on the back of the head of this Lesser Scaup.

You just keep me hanging on

Ruddy Ducks

 Pied-billed Grebe

We're coming!


  1. Thankfully the snow has melted away (yet some icicles sill linger around). That last shot is great! All the animals seem to have found new spirits to carry them into the new season.

  2. Love the icicles! I photoed some cool icicles in the rock caves around here. they are so neat. I saw some bufflehead ducks in the creek the other day. I didn't know what they were. Must have been a pair. They were the only ducks in that spot.
    Like the sleepy ponies in the sunshine!

  3. the snow is gone. I love rivers and miss my guiding days.

  4. Enjoyed that. Glad you are thawing out up there.

  5. So many beautiful animals. It makes me glad that spring is just about here.

  6. Eagles now live years round in Fillmore County and a pair have successfully nested 5 years in a row less than a half mile from our home. The "experts say this is all new in the last thirty years since prior to that they were seen year round only along the Mississippi///


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