Sunday, April 27, 2014

Now And Again

The first woodland blooms are always a treat for me. I started with Dutchman's Breeches and went through an array of good friends just emerging. It was a day to expect Spring to have arrived, but not necessarily Nature's plan.  I hiked on some steep hills to inspect different levels for blooms, hills formed by ocean reefs of limestone..

Trees kissing
This looked like a candle with it's translucence lit by a late day sun.

A fun place to hike, I always hope to find an artifact. Nothing  remains of a city from the past other than the happiness carried on a gentle prairie breeze.


  1. Pretty spring growth. And clearly, love is in the air with those kissing trees.

  2. Love those Dutchman's breeches. About the only thing I've seen blooming yet around here are a few daffodils but then again I haven't been looking very hard for signs of spring. I'm still in my hibernation

  3. We don't get dutchmans breeches down here so I am glad for the pictures.

  4. Spring seems to be slowly on it's way...maybe... Love the old barn.


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